Note to an apparent idiot

A few days ago someone posted a comment on my blog and one of the sentences states that one of the most objectionable things is that I discuss rape on my blog.

Here is the comment this fellow made, and my reply.

“On your website you have pictures of [blah, blah, blah] and more disturbingly, your frequent discussion of RAPE and sexual assault. That makes you look like a sick weirdo, truth be told.”

I write:

Also, your bringing up the discussion of rape as found on my blog suggests that you have not been reading it much or are reading it very carelessly or are wilfully distorted what I write. It undermines your credibility. I have several discussions of persons who stopped a rape attack and how and I have prayer requests for victims of persons of various kinds of attacks and assault. If I recall correctly I discuss the academic evidence in favor of EAAA training, a 12 hour training course for women of college age proven to reduce subsequent rape rates and attempted rape rates and I contrast the easy knowledge gained by a simple web search of finding the academic evidence and other details of EAAA with the seeming willingness to do nothing and find out nothing in the way of preventing other rapes by the administration of Mountlake Terrace High school after one or several rapes took place on campus or among their students. The willingness of MTHS administration to advice but little in the way of helpful ideas is easily demonstrated by reading the MTHS newspaper in which the student journalists interviewed or quoted the principal and/or staff.

It is not my problem if you folks, meaning, the general public, install public school administrators such as the previous principal of MTHS who seems unwilling to consider some martial arts training for the girls, or perhaps even danger awareness training and then, as part of correcting the problem, I “discuss” rape. So how idiotic can you be to fail to distinguish between advocating, planning or relishing rape with discussing education and other programs that reduce and prevent it?

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