November 2019 in Oakland and Berkeley

Here are some interesting photos from Berkeley and/or Oakland. Most of them are from the Rally day of the Berkeley High School. I have been partly occupied with work and simply not carrying my camera around much.

I had not taken many photos prior to the Rally day.

I figured that on Rally Day various of the “kids” will have dressed to be seen and noticed.

What we notice re Rally day is that a number of the girls or gals wear red knee-highs or thigh-highs. There were uncounted dozens more I did not photograph and these whom I did not photograph included the young lady in the line for pizza who was wearing some red colored open square thigh highs or high stockings. She was in some shorts also and I do not remember how high her stockings went. Some seem to wear knee-highs and some wear thigh highs, it appears.

There is the block with Berkeley city hall but they have a different name for it, such as Berkeley Civic Center. This building sits on a larger block which is a large park with grass to the west, south and north of the Civic Center itself.

Kids on the Rally day went over into the park area and then engaged in some sort of yelling dominance contest, I think. I am told that each group divided by year of graduation yells or tries to be more dominant than the others. I hear that they then run to and back from some other place, which I think is UC Berkeley campus itself. I did not join or watch them on their run itself.

I did not know if some sort of security or the various patrol officers would have been concerned about my walking through the area so I was briefer than I would otherwise have been. The local police do not seem to be stressed out or stretched too badly in normal circumstances and they seem to have plenty to help out with the “Rally.”

Among the photos that are more interesting and noteworthy . . . One is a young woman in school colors who is at the corner of sidewalk. There are 5 kids of younger age in her vicinity and all of them are looking over at her!

Most of the young women who wore colors did so by means of yellow or gold shorts or a yellow or gold skirt. But some wore a red dress or a red skirt or they wore a red bra or bralette as their top.

There was one gal and guy whom I think were smiling at me as I took their photo from the front. Their mouths are slightly open and the gal seems to have partial smile as they are looking my way!

I suppose you never know for sure! Perhaps they are normally in a good mood!

Between now and next October, if I am still in the area, I will say to the chief or some subordinate of his and introduce myself and check on his guys being calm or reacting in some overreactive way!

I was here in September and there is one gal in several dozen who is showing off slightly in her dress or clothing, but it is not that frequent. On the Rally Day it is a huge proportion of the student body who wear fun outfits of various kinds, as suit their choices and personalities. From the point of view, some of them are showing off or having fun!

The more dramatic or extreme clothing choices seem to me to be what seem to be bikini tops, bras or bralettes or the equivalent in the school colors or colors other than white, and the fishnet or open square or open diamond knee-highs or thigh highs, which I saw in red only. Whether some of the young women wear them in black, I do not know! One girl or young woman was in red hose or red stockings! I do not know women’s stocking names well enough to describe all the possibilities and what was worn on Rally day. Lots of red items and things you would not have seen on women and girls at the churches of my youth!

I mean, I did see fishnet stockings on a woman at church in Folsom a few years ago . . . The churches that I usually visit or attend do not have that many, if any, of women in fishnet stockings, walking into and out of church. I will call Jimmy my preacher friend and ask him if that is something that happens or if it is something that he discourages. Jimmy is more conservative that the average preacher you would encounter.

In the first two churches I attended, while growing up, for years and years, you or I never saw or would have seen a woman in fishnet stockings at church. I do not know if the women of the churches in which I was raised wore fishnet stockings outside of church . . .

It is about 4:15 in the afternoon. I will be visiting San Diego soon and might not post all the photos of the last 3 days in the next half hour.

The school mascot or symbol seem to be yellow jackets. Below is a photo of one of the images they place on the school. Colors seem to be yellow, red and black, or gold, red and black, which are the colors of the modern German flag.

Berkeley as a whole is pretty inclusive or welcoming and has a dozen signs everywhere to that effect.

Here in Berkeley, I meet at times Germans and those of other nations who are here studying or working. I get to greet them with Guten Tag and we talk about Downfall, the Hitler Parodies and the Last Days of Sophie Scholl!

I have a few more than 30 photos of that day and around though some are of things such as the yellow jacket and a building that says Mental Health Center and looks very badly kept up! It is next to falling apart and maybe being rebuilt!

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