Officer Stubble responds to a 911 call in Seattle

911: 911, what are your reporting?

Man: Hey. Do you ever arrest people for using pepper spray on other people. I hear you have an arrest service for that.

911: Yes, we do.

Man: Yeah, well, this not the usual thing. The guy thinks I was trying to crowd his space and he pepper sprayed me. Could you send along aid?

911: We sure will.

Man: Great!

911: We had some patrol officer on their way to check on a possible drunk driver involved in a car accident and stopped by the side of the road, but you and the guy with the pepper spray is a great priority for us. We will see you in a few minutes.

Man: Good.

SPD patrol officer Stubble arrives, accompanied by officer Wood.

Man says, “Oh thanks! I am glad to see you and the aid car.”

Officers: “here.”

Officers: “by the way, do you have any idea as to why this guy would use pepper spray on you?”

Man: “I think it was a random thing and he is dangerous. He did say something about robbery being bad, but I think he was mostly high on somethin. I think he is delusional. I think he has a bee in his bonnet and when people do not agree with him about something, he just sprays them.”

Officers: “OK, we’ll get him.”

Man: “Yeah, I don’t want him doing this to anyone else, like, you know, in a burglary. I have some friends who are at the pawn shop and they tell me we need to stop him. He is a danger to the public, especially if someone were to break in at night at his place. This guy is a real danger to the public.”

Officers Stubble and Wood: “Yes, he is. We will get him!”


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