Officers Wood, Hay and Stubble respond to report of puppy robbery . . .

A bad guy, or a seemingly bad gal, brandished a knife while in a robbery in progress event.

The victim was losing his stuff to robbers grabbing it away from him and he wanted his puppy back from a woman who has grabbed the puppy.

Woman pulls out knife, brandishes it and threatens man with harm.

Victim goes away.

Puppy gone.

Suspects arrested.

Puppy is still gone!

Man calls SPD. Officers Wood, Hay and Stubble ask man if he hit or touched them.

Man says no and he wants his stuff back..

Officers Wood, Hay and Stubble say to man, “That’s good; we shall abstain from arresting you then.”

People who are stealing your stuff should be presumed to be hostile and aggressive. If you are within 5 feet of them you are in danger. You are in danger whether they have hit you or not and you are in danger whether they have pulled out one of their knives or not . . . There are all kinds of people with all kinds of knives wandering about. Some are great people and some are deranged.

You can always wonder if officers Wood, Hay, Stubble and Monson and Holmes are especially dense about that. We hope not.

God show Hay and Keller and Holmes and Monson the right way!

Let God arise and his enemies be scattered!!

News found in the Seattle pi.

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