on blessing people and the newer batch of Seattle thugs

I have in some degree blessed or prayed for a variety of persons I have encountered or photographed while walking at Greenlake or other locations. I pray; it is a way of being nice to people. Some woman claimed several years ago that several people whom I had met and blessed had unexpected good luck in the week following my having met and blessed them.

Of course, many people that I pray for, for their blessing, help and well-being are not aware that I am praying for them, because I pray for them silently from a distance. There are dozens and hundreds for whom I pray for in this way. A woman is pretty or cute or is wearing clothing that is revealing or flirtatious or she has a nice figure and I pray for her. Or, it is either a man or woman who has some health problem.

While in jail I prayed for several of the fellow inmates cause they had some health problem, affliction or disability. One of the guards was walking with a limp and so I prayed for him. Several weeks ago I prayed and asked God if he had or has some preference on the topic of my praying for those who are sick and afflicted. It is not obvious but I would guess that God may have nudged things in a way that I decided to pray more for those who are sick and afflicted also. Maybe after I am dead and we have a discussion, God will complain less that way.

Anyway, we have these Seattle thugs such as our favorite Brett Cameron, who do such things as threaten me or grab my arm. We have police officers such as Guzman who claim that I was causing a disturbance and they might ask me to leave and my way of causing a disturbance, according to her, was to walk about peacefully while fully clothed, and occasionally take a photo.

I think I will add this kooky officer’s kooky idea of “causing a disturbance” to some upcoming lawsuit . . .

Anyway, if I do not or cannot walk at Greenlake, then, I do not pray for a dozen women and girls that day that I would have . . . and I do not pray for some who are sick and afflicted.

If I am interrupted and some guy spends 5 minutes claiming I am an evil-doer doing evil, then . . . there are “girls,” or girls and women and there are both men and women who are nice or sick or afflicted . . . I might have or would have encountered such persons and prayed for her or them.

Anyway, with a Bible and some basic knowledge of spiritual things, I think one should assume that there are things which are unknown and not obvious and a person should not just interfere with others who are being their peaceful selves.

Just saying . . . if a person is careless he may find himself badly surprised when he and God have a conversation.

In the meantime, God show Cameron, Hay and Keller and the new Alki thug the right way!

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