on Job, suicide and complaining to God

Supposedly God does not like it when people kill themselves, or, it is alleged, for at least some people that God does like them killing themselves.

Some people have tried to kill themselves and been rebuked or prevented by God or so it is alleged, though others reportedly have killed themselves and it seems that God does not rebuke them much, if at all.

It seems that some people who kill themselves do so when being confronted with some consequences of bad deeds or the futility of their way of life. But these things seem to overlap.

Would God have preferred that Epstein live? I think so. God seems to prefer change, repentance and confession when such are possible.

I think Epstein has been trying to get along without God or thinking about the idea that God has ideas.

Why do people kill themselves who are not in prison or on the run from the law? There have been 2 prominent tv personalities who have killed themselves and there have been at least two mental health advocates or practitioners of note who have recently killed themselves, and others have done so without making the news.

I suppose that some people have bad health problems and that those health problems might contribute to their desire to die. If you have bad health problems and God has not healed you or helped you, do you get to complain that God treats you poorly?

Do we say God has left me or us poor and in the dust? This is a negative version of part of the praise of Hannah the mother of Samuel, but it seems to be the case of many people.

In the book of Job, Job is struck with some diseases and he repeatedly say to God or others or prays, “Why?”

The question of why is found as part of Job’s complaint in Job 3:11,12,23; 7:20,21; 10:2,18 and probably additional verses.

Job says, “why was I born?” and “why does God afflict me?”

My guess is that people commit suicide, in part, because they do not practice questioning or complaining to God.

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