On risktakers in society

Several years ago I stopped over at the MI police administration room. I asked a question of an officer who was not fully sure and she then brought out of supervisor by the name of J M.

J M and I then chatted a little about knives, switchblades and folding knives and dirks and about the state law that says that you cannot have a switchblade. Actually, if you are police or a firefighter you can, but if you are an ordinary person you cannot, in the state of Washington.

In part of the conversation J M wondered and asked me if it would not be better for me to abstain from the risky behavior of walking at Greenlake in undies or doing other similar disreputable things, things that lead some people to threaten or attack me.

We did not talk a lot about that, though I believed then and believe now that my walks have been a good thing.

I was recently doing more learning on the topic of the life of Winston Churchill. He seems to be a favorite of many conservatives and for good reason and he also a hero even to people who are more liberal.

When Winston was in school his teachers considered him to mean, disruptive and troublesome. There are several comments to that effect written by his teachers.

Churchill repeatedly engaged in various activities that placed his life at risk.

One of them resulted in his being in a coma for several days.

In Africa he was captured by the enemies in some small war. He then escaped and the enemies placed a bounty on his head.

Winston watched some of WWI from the trenches with near escapes. Later he left the administration and led some of the troops.

He flew some of the planes the British had or were building, to the fear and consternation of his wife and others. Supposedly he was, several times, in danger and near death in escaping from a bad situation in a plane.

Society benefits from and at times needs those who have been taking risks to do things. These people at times get things done that would have been left not done.

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