on the jails

I was in jail or jails for just over 2 weeks. The downtown jail is very bad and you are liable to leave there both sick and injured, especially if you are there for more than a few days.

I went to the downtown jail and turned myself in and the next day they moved me to the Kent Maleng Regional Justice center. They said that they did so for space reasons.

The jail in Kent is very nice. You get your own room and plenty of time periods to either be in or out of your room/cell. Given your own room, your chance of getting sick due to bad hygienic practices of you or others goes way down.

In the jail in downtown, you wake up or get up and find that hair, debris and clothing fibers and who knows what is in your drinking cup. In Kent you can keep your cup clean or mostly clean. So I did not get sick and I was very lucky and I was happy to eat the food and drink water without getting sick.

Also, there is a small library in the Kent jail and you can read all kinds of books, except the nude art books. The Kent jail actually does have nude art in the books but don’t tell the guards or the warden and if they have not noticed, then, they have not noticed . . .

With your own room you can pace the room without bothering anyone or being even questioned. You can do sit up and pullups and all kinds of stuff in your room or in the yard without question or harm.

I decided that I felt badly that I did not know Siu Lim Tau any better than the initial posture . . . I will have to practice and practice.

In the 2nd half of the stay, I paced the room several times a day 2000 steps.

Also, the way that the bed is set up in Kent is far better for your back than downtown. The bed set up downtown would do long-term or maybe permanent damage to your back if done for an extended period of time, because of the curvature of the bed and the lack of the pillow and a cushion for your back.

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