On the Kirby Wilbur show

On Friday I called and I was on the Kirby Wilbur show for a few minutes. I think it was between 5 and 6 p.m.

The Kirby Wilbur show is one of several conservative radio talk shows in the Seattle area.

I said that there was the town or city in Italy which was free of the virus due to vigorous testing.

Kirby said that he had read or heard the same thing; it has been in the news in the guardian newspaper or website. The town was the town of Vo, of about 3000 people. They got rid of the virus in about 2 weeks!

I said that I believed we would have to do the same thing here or something similar, to eradicate the virus.

Locking down everything but banks, grocery stores and auto repair and the DMV is not going to be enough. For example, suppose that there is one store clerk in a grocery who is infected. In the space of a day, there is possible transmission to hundreds of people.

I assume that the USA will survive but it will be fun for the next 2 months. Also, we may need to identify and test every person in every county in which the covid has shown up and in some in which it has not been which are at risk!

Oh, I listen at times to conservative talk radio, but I do not agree with Kirby or others all the time! For example, I believe that the war in Iraq was unjust and foolish, at least in the way we waged it and for the reasons we did. Kirby believes otherwise.

It also seems that George W Bush and Tony Blair lied to the public or intentionally shaded the “intelligence” so as to tell falsehoods and incite the world to war.

God help the USA to produce and use their test kits!

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