On the Kurds in Syria

On Wednesday or Thursday I was walking on one of my favorite sidewalks in Berkeley and engaging various people in brief conversations.

One woman says, “Not now, I am upset.” I asked about that and she said she was upset about the Kurds being slaughtered in Syria due to the actions of Trump, our favorite enemy of humanity.

On that particular afternoon the news was in fact reporting that about seven Kurds had been killed, which is not a large slaughter, only a small one.

The situation in Syria is one that seems to have no good solution or answer.

What probably “needs” to happen is 1) some group of the Kurds be an independent nation; and 2) that nation protect religious liberty; and 3) a much larger part of the Kurds abandon Islam; and 4) the Kurds think like Americans or Calvinists.

Right now we have a conflict taking place between two mostly Muslim belligerents. One is more Islamic and one is a little less Islamic.

Back in the 1980s there was a war between Iran and Iraq. Should we have picked a side to favor and support?

Forgive my being so cold.

The Kurdish autonomous region of Iraq has passed one or more laws to protect religious liberty, and it is also exists within Iraq that says that Islam is the state religion of the country.

It seems like there is no good solution for the Syrian Kurds, though I suppose that some of them might become Christian . . .

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