on the results of minor assaults

So, Carmen Best and officer Guzman . . . lets consider the results of the Seattle thugs who roam around Seattle and grab people without rebuke from police officers to whom they admit their criminal conduct . . .

Thug grabs zaitzeff or some other person.

zaitzeff does what he can do document the assault and/or take the photograph of the assaulter grabbing or hitting zaitzeff.

zaitzeff says to assaulter, “Sir, I notice that you have just grabbed my arm. May I ask what weapons you are carrying or wearing? OK. You have just grabbed my arm with no legal authority and you do not know what weapons, if any, I am wearing or carrying. You have not placed me under arrest and you have not frisked or searched me for weapons.

Is that correct? You are carrying a kid and you need to know if I am wearing holster with a handgun, carrying a knife, scissors or a screwdriver or I have pepper spray or martial arts training sufficient to dislodge or break your arm? Is that a good idea? If you wish to do your self-appointed law enforcement, would it not be better to put your child in a car or in the care of a friend?”

What is it with these thugs?

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