on using bathrooms . . .

There is a gal or a guy by the name of Blair White who at times makes videos for youtube on various topics. She is or claims to be trans, though you would not know it from others of her videos in which she is clearly quite feminine and attractive.

I do not particularly recommend people engaging in becoming the opposite sex or as it is claimed, but I also grant freedom to people and I am certainly not infallible. Not being God, there are surely several facts I do not know and ideas I do not understand!

Anyway, Blair White decided to do an experiment and go to a bar restaurant and then make use of the mens bathroom. The guys who were in the bathroom already were substantially confused. After being in the bathroom and sitting at a table, she or he was asked to leave the place by some staff.

Now, I will dislike the idea of men competing in sports and defeating the girls and women . . .

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