one studious girl; two women in Christmas outfits at the mall in Santa Clara!

Here are some photos of today! These include some food wrapped in ribbon at Safeway! There is a studious girl reading a fantasy book. We chatted a little about the book; I asked her if good triumphed over evil. I think she is not sure!

Several women went to the mall in miniskirts and one miniskirt was so short as to be butt revealing nearly continuously, though I think they may have adjusted for some of their later walk!

I am currently in Santa Clara county which includes as the large city San Jose. Santa Clara county is very rich and it is one of the richest counties in the USA. Dozens of cities in this county have no law against public nudity and the only law that applies is the law of the state of California, which requires the prosecution prove sexual intent or lewd conduct. So, in all these cities, a gal can go topless or butt revealing or both. the city of San Jose has a law but the other outlying cities in this county do not!

Today I went to the mall in Santa Clara city and it is some Valley mall. I went to pick up items I had ordered and I was going to pick them up at forever21.

I had never been to this mall before. The city of Santa Clara is just north of some of San Jose and north of the city of Campbell. It has no law re public nudity; the only thing that applies, maybe, is the California state law and the courts say that that law requires proof of sexual conduct.

About the same time that I got there and I was asking for directions to forever21, two women arrived on the 2nd floor in Santa outfits. The first was mostly red and a mini-skirt. The second outfit was a combination of red and white and was butt revealing with every step forward the gal took. If she was standing upright and not moving, then, maybe only a little butt reveal. If she walked, then, 1/2 to 2 inches of butt was shown, and that did not depend on a guy being on the floor or an escalator to see her.

The two ladies were accompanied by a guy who seemed to be a friend of one of the two of them. If not for the guy being with one of the gals, I would have wondered if they had in fact been paid by the mall to bring holiday cheer to the mall!

The two gals at times walked together and at times walked separately. They walked from the movie theatres over to the food court and in and out of shops such as forever21 and Victoria’s Secret. They travelled on some of the walkway of the food court. Or, at least one of them did so, in the food court.

No one was bothered or concerned. No one said anything or called security or police. Police motorcycles were in fact parked at the foot of one of the mall entryways even before the two gals showed up, but, during their 20 to 45 minute walk, no police or security came or bothered or confronted them.

People either ignored them or noticed and appreciated. I took a few photos . . . and they turned and gave me a V-sign of recognition and greeting. They knew or suspected that they might be photographed by appreciative onlookers.

Who knows where the police were? The motorcycles of the guys were there and empty but no police bothered them and, as far as the law goes, the two gals were both within the law, just having a bit of fun with those who choose to notice that one gals skirt or dress was so extremely short!

I was in church this Sunday and the church service included some Christmas programs and singing and kids story telling. A half a dozen women and even more girls were in red or eye-catching colors and clothing, ranging from lace stockings to red dresses and see-through dresses over a “slip.”

This is actually a fairly conservative church. Or, at least, it is a slightly liberal version of a conservative type of church. It is conservative enough that they will expect you to not drink, smoke or have s*x prior to marriage. No one was dressed as a full Santa.

Here are the photos!

The view of the cross from the library parking lot. On the main north and south road of Saratoga there are a whole lot of churches advertising their Christmas or Christmas eve services. There is the Westgate church and there are the two Presbyterian churches and there is an Episcopal church. A guy told me he helps with ministry to the homeless at a nearby Catholic church, though I have not seen the sign for that one. I do not know the church which has this cross. The cross seems to be a block or less from the main library and I think about the same distance from the middle school. Is the cross from the Catholic church or a different church I have not yet spotted?
There are churches everywhere in this neck of the woods . . .  When I drive in Campbell to get to the church of Christ, I pass by other churches, and, there is the advertisement for a church which is meeting in the community center of Campbell, among the others!

God bless you, miss! The red bag is a gift bag, apparently from trading gifts at school, for some reason! The thick hard-back book is actually not a textbook. This girl reads fantasy at times!
These are the motorcycles of police at the Valley Fair, or Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara!
Two gals in Christmas outfits going mall walking today!
Oh, I think one of those tops is partly see-through!
Oh, my! God bless you, miss! Thanks! Ha, ha! God bless you! My friends will pray that God bless you!
Ha, ha!
Very good! Thanks!
God bless you, miss!
In forever21, God bless you!

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