our favorite demon has requested prayer!

I have an interesting favorite demon in California. In my experience she has not responded with recognition and a normal reply to, “God bless you,” and for a while she seemed to be without God and prayer.

You never know for certain. Anyway, six or seven months ago I thought of praying for her because the absence of God and prayer in her life might be a negative factor in terms of how God sees things. She is nice, but at least in an outward, visible way she did not pray or acknowledge God.

She is or can be a bit of a Nazi with some people, so, you never know, but some of the average Christian friends and acquaintances I have would make the guess that hell was a negative possibility for her.

Anyway I prayed 6 or 7 months ago and this young woman seemed to have subsequently mentioned Goddess or praying or blessing in her tweets on twitter.

The Chaplain at the jail and I prayed for her also. I mean, you wouldn’t want a friend or even a friendly acquaintance to go to hell, right?

Anyway, it turns out that while I was in jail, and shortly after the time that the Chaplain and I prayed for her, our favorite demon hurt her foot and in tweeting about it, she also REQUESTED PRAYER. Ha, ha. How funny.

That is right. This gal who is a Nazi with some people and brutal and seemingly without God or the Bible and who once in a while speaks of Goddess, has just requested prayer for the healing of her foot.

The Chaplain and I discussed, while I was in Kent in the Maleng Regional Justice Center, her spiritual well-being or possible flaws and pray that she would know God. No one would want a friend or even a nice acquaintance to go to hell; right?

The pastor actually thinks our favorite demon in the flesh might be in cahoots with several actual other demons. I think he thinks that a woman with some wicked habits who invokes Goddess or Goddess may be missing out on some things.

I forget exactly the words the pastor used but he mostly went by what I had written down in the written prayer request for our favorite demon. Oh, he actually missed a part of the prayer and I reminded him of it afterwards and he agreed that was a good way to pray for her or remember in regards to her, John 6:44.

I spend a little time each day writing these prayer requests and then pastor Dick and I pray for most of them, every few days. Praying for our favorite demon in the flesh was one of the first 2 prayer requests I wrote for pastor Dick, if I recall correctly. We prayed for our demon friend on Wednesday, June 26, 2019.

I wrote the prayer request on Tuesday or on Monday. The evening that I wrote the prayer request, the guard in charge of 60 prisoners was reading a Billy Graham book and I asked him to be praying also, and he said he was and would be happy to do so. The guard even wrote down the name of our favorite demon so as to help him know and remember to be praying for her.

About this time, our favorite and temporarily name-withheld demon tweets that she has hurt her foot and she is requesting the prayers of any and all for help with her foot! In more than a year of the last hundreds of tweets, she has not requested prayer . . . other than one possible case of cursing someone in the name of God for doing her wrong.

Now, she would be happy to have your and my prayers for help with her foot.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Roll on the floor; laugh endlessly. God maybe is so funny in a good way this time around . . . Please understand that some Christians might regard our favorite demon as an unlikely candidate to know God or pray or to go to heaven. I could include a photo or two of our favorite demon . . . but I do not wish to increase the agitation of the next person who gives me a mental health evaluation . . .

Ha, ha. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

God show Cameron, Hay, Keller, Lewis and Eisenberg the right way!

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