p31 prayer discriminates against praying for nice girls!

On Monday I posted three different prayer requests at prayer proverbs 31. One of the prayer requests was to pray for a nice Featherette I had met who had a very nice smile and that prayer request included praying for two other girls who had been nice to me in some way recently. There were two other prayer requests on other topics, unrelated to praying for nice girls.

The prayer requests of p31 are moderated and reviewed before going up.

All prayer requests I posted on December 9th did NOT go up, including ones that had nothing to do with praying for the nice Featherette.

I posted yesterday to be praying for a fellow who was nice and generous to me at church recently and requesting that God bless him. That one WENT UP and is being responded to.

Apparently the moderators of p31 are a bit kooky or sleepy. Or, they believe it is ok for me to post prayer requests to bless a man who was generous to me and that to go through, but not to post prayer requests for a high school girl who has a nice smile!

I wonder what God thinks of this!

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