Sacramento and Coronavirus

I am in Sacramento now and may be here for a while! There is a town in Italy or a city which is free of coronavirus and it happened by accident. The way it happened is that it was small enough and early enough that the doctors in the area tested all the people and […]

praying, Tuesday, March 17, 2020!

If any of you wish, pray that God help Eric who attends at the Orthodox Presbyterian church in Berkeley. He requests prayer that God help him make money. He is also a person who has had bipolar difficulty. If you wish, pray that Jesus touch him and God’s will be done in his life! God […]

Prayer request to the Spiro AofG

Greetings the Spiro AofG. God bless and protect you all. God bless and protect all my friends at the Campbell church of Christ in or near Campbell, California! Campbell is in Santa Clara county which is a location of some of the cv deaths and where 3 TSA workers have been found to have the […]