Patriots Day: knives and self-defense; police approaches

In the past few days I saw the movie Patriots Day.

Because at times I have been threatened or hit, I have learned or thought a bit more about weapons, and I also think about the police tactics in certain situations of social interest, such as when shootings by law enforcement are appropriate or not.

In the movie depiction of the chase for the Boston Marathon bombers, at one point the evil-doers have stolen/hijacked a car. They are driving and a police officer recognizes a vehicle as potentially or likely being the just stolen vehicle.

The police officer stops and the suspected car is stopped. The police calls in his situation, to the effect that he has located and is approaching a vehicle which may be the vehicle just hijacked.

A fraction of seconds later, the evil-doers are shooting at him and throwing pipe bombs at him. Very bad for him that day and we can hope he survived. It makes you wonder in police training how the recommended way is to approach a vehicle suspected of being hijacked at gunpoint. Maybe you are “supposed” to call for additional officers? The officer may be lucky to be alive, if he is alive, given his situation being quite badly dangerous.

I don’t know enough of the details to know if he was hit or injured in the pre-emptive attack on him by the evil-doers. It is probably tough to approach a car which has been reported to be hijacked. My preference would be to talk to the people using a bullhorn and while behind another stopped car.

You wonder if the officer should have had his gun drawn and ready while approaching the car. Draw the gun and keep it pointed downwards till you know better what is the threat?

I still would prefer talking to the people in the car from behind another car, if the car is suspected of being hijacked!

During the hunt for the bombers, at one point the bombers approach a student in his car and hijack him and the car. They take him to an ATM and get money and then go to a convenience store. While there, the innocent student manages to escape and run from the evil-doer, though the evil-doer has a gun and could have shot him and may have tried to do so.

The RCW says that “you” can’t a concealed “dirk” or dagger.

In the movie, we see the innocent student in the passenger seat next to the armed evil-doer. He is struggling in his mind and wondering if he can and should try to escape. He could be wounded or killed while escaping.

The evil-doers have assumed he is not armed and as depicted in the movie, they did search him.

Having a knife to have used on the evil-doer may be better than running away from a man shooting at “you.”

On one hand, we think of such things as events so rare that we do not plan for them. On the other hand, a jeweler in Las Vegas was recently kidnapped and placed in the back seat of a car. The evil-doers did not search the jeweler, who then shot them both and thus ended the kidnapping.

Supposedly there is an item or two that are easily concealable and which may function similarly to knives, but which are not a knife. I don’t have them or carry them, but after seeing the movie Patriots Day, “you” wonder if “you” should have one.

Of course, simply, the law should be changed so that most people can carry a concealed knife–or so I believe and suspect.

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