Phillip Yin says hi as a comment on the blog!

Crazy, funny story . . . So on Saturday, on Mercer Island when I was doing some of the photos with the young lady campaigners for Phillip Yin, I shared with one of the helpers one of my cards for one of my websites . . . and then, when I was doing the photos with Phillip Yin, that person shared the business card with Mr. Yin, candidate for Lt. gov.

I have three websites and they are a bit risque–not obviously bad or harmful, but a bit disreputable from some points of view. For example, the websites are blogs and they contain photos of the drill team or cheerleaders doing a kick or high kick or two . . . and in my photos of the drill team, I noticed that different of the girls have the hem of their skirts at different heights on their thigh . . . Is that because the drill team leaders hand out skirts of different length or is it because some of the young ladies wear their skirts in a more revealing way, and if so, do they so intentionally? Anyway, my websites are not favored by some people who doubt their social or artistic value. Some people wish I and my blogs would have a lot less contact with the outside world.

Anyway, I usually have one post per day with a story to tell. To be considerate to Phillip Yin and for other reasons, I have one post on the topic of katana carry and that post is separate from the next post which includes the discussion of the length of drill team skirts.

In any case, Phillip Yin then does in fact visit my blog and sees and appreciates the photos with myself and him and myself and the sign and his campaign helpers! And he writes a comment of appreciation, which is very nice!

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