planning ahead for questioning God . . .

I finished my evening work and thought about what to do for the evening. Should I see a movie or browse the Net and if so, what should I browse or see or watch or listen to?

I decided to watch some near death experiences. I am not sure why, but maybe the fact that I had been praying that God help a woman named Stephanie made me more inclined to watch some NDE accounts, but maybe there were other reasons. I do not know.

The first NDE account I watched or one of the first was of a woman who had doubted either God’s existence or his love for her. She was out of her body and she began to ask about why God did not love or protect her from abuse, and instead she asked God or she asked herself or wondered why she had not done more for God.

I pray most evenings and then, that evening or the next morning, I ask God questions of complaint about what I regard as God’s crazy behavior, or the bad behavior of people who say that they have had messages from God for me and I ask God if God is like a very bad baseball scout as in the movie Moneyball.

There are baseball scouts who promise or predict great things for some potential or future baseball players and often the promises and predictions fail in whole or in part. Billy Bean says to one of his scouts. “You don’t know. You don’t know.”

Anyway, I hope that by praying this question while I am still alive, we get to actually work on the question or questions, instead of God arranging for my questions to be replaced by some other partly self-incriminating questions!

Is God like a bad baseball scout? I mean, I have not noticed that the messages that people have given on his behalf have any reliability!

Below is Blackadder while he is pondering the accuracy of God’s messages!

I am sure God has some good explanation for the misaccuracy of all the messages and promises and prophecies that people have given to me on God’s behalf . . .

But my question is . . . If God in fact does not know my future very well, why does God or people on his behalf use the word “will” in the so-called messages from God? If God does not know my future very well and God does know the future of Abraham, of Peter and of Demi Lovato, why does God not engage such other persons to accomplish the secret things that God supposedly wanted me to do for him?

Here is Blackadder pondering difficult questions!

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