post to the appointment secretary of the Berkeley schools superintendent!

To Jessica Lopez, the secretary of appointments for the school district superintendent of the Berkeley school district!

The course catalogue for the 2018-2019 for Berkeley high school is online, as you may know.

The PE electives appear to not include any martial arts, self-defense or women’s self-defense classes.

There is extensive academic research that such classes will substantially reduce the rate of rape and the rate of attempted rape among the kids who take such classes.  The research begins with EAAA among college students but the same effect has been proven among middle or high school students, albeit with slightly different programs than a strict copy of EAAA.

Given that a substantial number of the kids and probably some of their parents are concerned about the issue of reducing rape and attempted rape, this is one topic I believe that the high school and middle schools should consider.

So I would spend 3 to 10 minutes with the Sup on that topic, if he wished, given that it currently appears that it is entirely possible that the current course catalogue also does not include any women’s self-defense, general self-defense or martial arts classes.

Of course, a women’s self-defense might be such in name but be open to the young men, because it would be both wrong and illegal to bar the young men from taking the class.

The news reports also are alleging that some of the young women in the schools are complaining that they or others should have more extensive and thorough training on the topic of consent.

I do not know what is your current training on that topic, but the news is reporting that a student is alleging that the current teaching is extremely brief and non-interactive.

The student in the very recent news reporting claimed, if I recall correctly that her or others training in consent consisted of a video on the topic of a cup of tea, but perhaps I have misunderstood. 

I have not seen the video or short class in question and so I do not know its good points or deficiencies.  However, I am from a church that hugs in greeting, and I actually know the topic very well.  I would be hard for me to imagine the topic of consent taught to that age group unless the topic was taught practically and by interaction, and unless the topic included how to offer to hug, how to invite to hug, how to accept and how to decline with grace and politeness.

Whether you folks wish to teach such things as I would consider basic is obviously up to you, but, if my impression from the news reports is correct that your current teaching on consent does not include interaction, practice, and include a topic such as hugging, then, I would find it very strange.  I hope that the impression created by the clip in the news is misleading, but I figured I would ask!

I know the topics and the girl interviewed or recorded in the news reports is claiming that she had been dealing coercive situations or coerced things such as touching or what have you, and had to deal with coercion or non-consensual situations for years prior to seeing the video on a cup of tea.

I see that there is on youtube several videos on the topic of consent and a cup of tea.  I will be watching them shortly .  . .

I hope or presume that your teaching on consent includes a person practicing saying either yes or no, to various things, but the young woman’s comments as found in the clip in the news implies that there was not too much practice!

Maybe you folks do!  I figured I would ask . . .

If the Sup has his appointments packed up, I would be happy to invite him to join me for pizza for lunch!

If you or he dislike my topics of some mild suggestions and questioning, then, I can peacefully live with that.  But it seems that a bunch of your young women students want some help that they are not currently being given.

The God of peace be with you!

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