prayer request for a Berkeley church and Walnut Creek church

Greetings the Berkeley church and the church in Walnut Creek.

I am David Zaitzeff and I have been in the Berkeley area on and off since September. Since mid-November I have been at times in Santa Clara county and at times in Berkeley, a few or several days a week in each.

I have been visiting a church in Campbell, California. This church has some “home groups” and I believe they meet in the middle of the week. I am friends who two of the guys who help pray for or minister to the kids of high school aged “home group,” which I think is has 8 to 20 people normally speaking.

Recently one of the Christians invited fellow kids or fellow nearly young adults he knew to come and the home group of the HS aged kids had 3 new visitors who were either atheists or agnostic. They are Serena, Hannah and Kaden, though I do not know the spellings of the names with certainty.

If you wish and would like, would you perhaps be praying for these kids (or young near-adults) and some others? There are Serena, Hannah and Kaden. One of the girls is an atheist. It may be that she would prefer to be called a young woman or a young lady. I believe that the 2nd of the girls is more agnostic and has been visiting some different churches but without making decisions about what to believe, if anything!

I was walking in downtown Berkeley yesterday afternoon and I encountered one of the fellows of your church here in Berkeley who was handing out tracts and so we chatted and prayed for my mom and for these three kids or young women and the young man.

(Oh, I pray for people here in Berkeley nearly every day that I am here!)

Some of these kids who visited the home group are of the Los Gatos HS and some of the Saratoga HS.

Los Gatos and Saratoga are two cities just west of San Jose.

I have some requests as well. If you wish, pray for Min, a kid who is of one of the nearby middle schools and who is an atheist of 8th grade and also for his female acquaintance with the pretty red gift bad and colorful shoes!

If you wish, pray for the Featherette with the very nice smile. If you wish, pray for the young lady who traded God bless you with me and who seems to be of the same middle school as Min.

I do not know the spiritual condition of the Featherette or of the young lady with the red gift bag! The Featherette might be Christian or she may simply be cheerful and willing to smile! The lady with the red gift bag has been reading a book of fantasy and magic!

As you know, there was a bad killing yesterday here in Berkeley by an insane man attempting to flee police by driving away. It appears that the bad man had with him a woman in distress.

If you wish and if you have not already done so, consider praying that God help the woman in distress! If you wish and if you have not done so already, pray that God and the police get ahold of the man who drove off and killed the woman on the sidewalk!

If you wish and have not yet done so, pray that God will bring good out of these evil situations!

I walk and at other times sit and observe people and situations. I pray for women and girls who are pretty or having fun and I also try to pray for those who are sick and afflicted or in distress, though I am less good at that! I still try!

I hope you like the idea of praying for some of the visiting atheist and agnostic kids of the home group!

Some people believe that the kids in the west part of Santa Clara county are under stress. It seems that some of them do things without thinking of God or God’s instructions.

Saratoga high school was in the news a few years ago in the situation of a girl who went to party with alcohol, was abused and then killed herself. The young lady was Audrie Pott and she was 15!

Maybe she and her family did not know God; maybe they had some conception of God but we do not know very much!

If you wish, pray that God bless and help and guide and draw kids of the Saratoga high school and God bless and help and guide and draw kids of the Redwood middle school!

Maybe if God gets ahold of some of them or some more of them, fewer guys will act stupidly or cruelly at a party! If God gets ahold of some more of them, perhaps more of them will smile! Some people would feel bad that a girl at a party was abused and then choose to kill herself cause people at school were being hurtful to her!

There are some other high schools in the area and in time to come, if you wish and permit, perhaps we can pray that God bless and help and guide and draw some of the kids of those schools!

Thanks! God bless you!

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