Prayer request to the Spiro AofG

Greetings the Spiro AofG.

God bless and protect you all. God bless and protect all my friends at the Campbell church of Christ in or near Campbell, California!

Campbell is in Santa Clara county which is a location of some of the cv deaths and where 3 TSA workers have been found to have the cv19 virus.

I met and saw some people today and I have just begun to think of praying for them that God protect them, meaning from the coronavirus. Previously I was praying for many persons that God bless them, without also specifying that God protect them. There was a woman in a flower shop who said, “Good luck,” to me today and then I went back and prayed out for her that God be protecting her and she was happy about that. If you wish, pray for her that God bless and protect her. But if you have a better way of praying for her, you are welcome to consider praying or to pray for her in better ways!

I do not know the best or better ways to be praying!

I am in Berkeley and today I saw 3 or 4 pretty young woman and prayed for them that God bless and protect them and also a guy who cut my hair and a guy who seems to have been a friend or husband or boyfriend of a gal I was photographing and who smiled at me. If you wish, pray for all these people that God bless, help and protect them.

I also have a friendly acquaintance named An. She is not a Christian and she was raised Buddhist. She does some things that the Bible probably says not to do. I do not know the best way to pray for her, though I tend to pray that God bless, help and protect her as I pray for many others. I do not know enough to know how to pray in better ways for some people.

About the woman in the flower shop who said, “Good luck,” to me today around 4:25, I think God may have nudged her to say that, as a way of encouraging me to be praying for people that God protect them.


I am in Berkeley, California now. I do not know when or if I will see you in person!

The God of peace be with you all!

Numbers 6:24!

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