prayer requests 3/11/15

The past nine days have seen a blizzard of local news media reported poor behavior, from guys being cads to luring to 3 or more attempted rape and one rape with clothing stealing and bedroom-window peering and photography.   One guy on a Metro bus stared at and then felt up and followed and verbally insulted a 13-year-old girl in West Seattle.

Given the behavior of the fellow as described in the news, I assume that he felt the girl was dressed provocatively, and that he could molest and insult her without much consequence.  There are guys who assume that a person who is dressed provocatively or in less than usual is inviting being felt up or not in a position to complain strongly.

If any of you wish, pray that God get ahold of or show the right way to these fellows and that God comfort, help and give peace to the girls and women who have been injured or feel unsettled.

In the past 5 months, there have been two fellows who groped one or more women and both were caught.  There was one fellow reportedly who attacked a woman at Greenlake 10/10/14 and she resisted or fought slightly or escaped, but did not see him or have a description, at least as reported in the news media.  God get ahold of that fellow or show him the right way.  God give peace to the unsettled woman.

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