prayer requests 3/11/15a

Nothing pressing comes to mind in terms of praying for Seattle police other than praying for healing for one officer reported to have suffered a broken leg during one of the recent protests and one parking officer with broken bones and wrist damage suffered when a person tried to drive as she was attaching a locking mechanism to a car.  News reports of injuries to Seattle police officers are pretty rare.  I’d feel terrible if I lost the use of one of my wrists.

If and when I am walking more, I think I will pray and request prayer for SPD officers in my areas that they be kept safe and also that they be in the right place at the right time to stop crimes, which I assume that they would like.

Pastor John Helmiere is reported in the news to be suing the city because of what is reported to be a wrongful beating.  Helmiere, as I understand it, is suing to help the police think more about what they are doing and not beat people who are not acting violently or with force.

A citizen or resident named Isaac Ocak is quoted in the news as being unhappy that four SPD officers who reportedly wrongly beat him during an interaction and then had him charged with assault still patrol his area.

If any of you wish, pray that God help any injured SPD officers be healed and/or pray that God makes things up to Helmiere and Ocak and reduces or prevents unnecessary beatings.

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