prayer requests for the week ending about 12/22/19

Greetings friends in Santa Clara county and elsewhere who pray or who may pray!

I have prayer requests for several persons or groups of persons. It turns out that there were two guys who introduced themselves to me at various times this week. One is Min who is an 8th grader and who is, by his own statements, without prayer and God. The other is Mohammed from Danville and who is a Muslim. He says he is 100% Muslim and in fact was in a form of the beard at times seen on some Muslim men.

By the way, please forgive that, though I know a little Arabic, the idea of people practicing Islam is actually not one of my favorite things. One of my favorite movies is Kesari and another is Batla House. I actually like to see the defeat of Islam and the Muslims, but I am also very peaceful. I also believe in extending goodness and good will to all, so far as is possible. Mohammed and I did not discuss Kesari!

Mohammed from Danville is actually a great guy and offered to buy me pizza or other food! Perhaps he is like the Muslims of Paris who took in Jewish kids in the Nazi era!

We or I may never see Mohammed again cause I do not visit Danville and he says he does not come to Berkeley very much. He still could benefit, I believe, from God’s blessing or help or whatever is best!

My prayer requests are the following–if needed, forgive the idea of praying for the girls–that God bless them, and as appropriate, help them!

  1. for Mohammed the Muslim of Danville and his wife and kids;
  2. for Min the 8th grader nearby who says he does not pray or believe and who is without religion;
  3. for the nice girl with the red gift bag! She was reading a fantasy book and is of unknown spiritual condition;
  4. for the girl in red who danced or flagged or waved in the Starbucks of Rancho Cordova Friday evening; of unknown spiritual condition;
  5. for the four girls I remember having smiled to me or said hello; of unknown spiritual condition;
  6. for the attractive girl in black leggings; of unknown spiritual condition;
  7. for the two women who walked in the Santa Clara Mall in Christmas colored outfits on Thursday! of unknown spiritual condition;
  8. for Elizabeth and Hope who are 2 of the waitresses or servers of the Sacramento Twin Peaks. of unknown spiritual condition;
  9. I have a friend at church and her name is A. She has had a concern for she has had some muscle spasms of unknown cause and origin. The doctors believe that they have ruled out at least two causes, but no doctor has yet found or identified the actual cause. A’s muscle cramps or spasms, she says, seem somewhat to less than when she first began seeking to have them resolved or diagnosed. A prays and listens to God.

The circumstances of my meeting and chatting with Mohammed suggest to me that God or the angels had some purpose in our meeting and probably in my praying for him and perhaps in sharing the request to be praying for him.

Mohammed has a wife and two kids who were with him. He goes to the mosque for prayer every day and he says that he is 100% Muslim. He was reluctant to tell me what country he came from till after I had greeted him in Arabic.

His son’s name is some form of Joseph, but I think the way he put it was Yusef. The daughter’s name is Sanna if I remember right. I do not remember the wife’s name. It began with an M and has one or two Ls in the name.

Earlier in the day before I met Mohammed I had been praying and wondering if God led some people to do unusual fun things that led me to pray for those people that God bless them. I believe that God likes the idea of those of you who wish to be praying for Mohammed and/or his wife and kids.

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