prayer requests related to Thursday, 12/19/19!

On Wednesday morning I requested that those who wish or would be happy to do so, to pray for some persons or situations. Most of those persons I encountered while at a nearby library environment.

If any of wish, I have some prayer requests from similar greetings at the library and at the Mall. I interacted with of the 3 adults and with two of the kids on spiritual topics and so, if you appreciate the idea of praying for someone who does not know God, there is at least one of those.

I pray for people to be nice to them but I realize that a lot of you probably enjoy praying for people who are lost or without God to be saved! One of the kids, a very nice boy-kid, told me he is without God and he made it very clear! (The conversation took place in a very gentle way and was done without offense! Fear not! We are still friends!)

If you dislike praying for girls, please skip the first several prayer requests!

If you like praying for the lost, note that there is a boy (of 8th grade) in Saratoga who is without God!

If you wish, pray God bless a girl with blond hair who smiled!

If you wish, pray God bless the girl in jeans I remember!

If you wish, pray God bless the nice girl with the red gift bag who was reading her fantasy and magic story book! (It is not a Harry Potter book but of similar content, it seems, according to reviews and summaries.) I asked her if good is victorious in the fantasy book she is reading and either she does not know or it is not clear! (I will look up her book and see if I can figure that out!)

There is a boy named Min. I asked him if he ever greeted others with God bless you and he said no. He has read the Old Testament and found a lot of it boring. He is, he says, without God and without religion. His closest idea to God bless you is a phrase in Chinese he told, which, he says, means, May the Buddha preserve you, and which, he says, he also does not say to people!

Min is a nice guy and in 8th grade. He is raised in a family of mixed parentage. One is Caucasian and one is Chinese with some knowledge or attachment to Buddhism.

I would not normally say of other people that they are lost.

I do not know why on Thursday 2 of the kids and several others of the adults engaged me in conversation on spiritual topics. Maybe it is so you will enjoy praying for some of my prayer requests more than the request of Tuesday to be praying for the girls in black leggings, of which there were two, on Tuesday for whom I was praying!

You or we actually get to pray, on this day, for someone who seems to be actually lost or without God and he started the conversation with me! That is Min, the boy without God, as he says!

If you wish, pray also a mom and her boy son. She was picking him up and the boy left behind an item on the bench he had been sitting on! They were thankful I returned it to them and I prayed that God bless them!

I request prayer for five additional adults as follows:

God bless an elderly woman who does volunteer work and attends church at Saratoga Federated. She seems to be doing well physically and spiritually and we talked out her church and we traded, “God bless you,” for each other as we were parting.

God bless a different elderly woman who does different volunteer work which is helping kids in the NIC, which I think is newborn intensive care.

God bless a man of about my age who contributes or participates in the ministry of the church he attends to the homeless in their church parking lot!

I was at the Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara in the afternoon between 3:30 and 5. There were two women who had dressed up in short and fun Santa or Christmasy colored outfits. They were either in red or red and white! They were so fun! If you wish, pray that God bless and help them! I do not know their spiritual condition; we did not talk. I assume they are in a good or happy mood!

Thanks! God bless you!

I pray for a lot of people just to be nice to them and express appreciation for them. It does not normally lead to, or include, conversations with godless persons who tell me they are without God!

I sent some of you prayer requests on Wednesday for people I had encountered on Tuesday and some of you may wonder why I pray for people! I am being nice; on Thursday, the kid without God told me about his walk without God!

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