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My work at times places me or has as a good place for me some public libraries.

On Tuesday, 12/17/19, I was at the Saratoga library for part of the afternoon.

I prayed for and wish to request prayer for the following persons and situations: for six girls as shall be described; for four adults as shall be described and it seems that two of them do not know Jesus and may have flawed or mistaken notions of God; for one legal battle. If you wish or dislike the idea of praying for the girls, you are welcome to skip the two paragraphs on praying for girls and move to the section on praying for adults.

It turns out that a variety of students from 2 or 3 schools go to the Saratoga library after school lets out. With three of them, we traded smiles and/or a “hi” and greetings and with or for three additional, I prayed for them as a way of being nice to them, although we did not speak or trade known smiles.

These are as follows: the girl in nice reddish leggings, the girl with shoulder length brown hair, the girl with hair a little longer than shoulder length, the younger girl who smiled, the first girl in black leggings and the second girl in black leggings!

Of the adults at the library there are four for whom I request prayer. There was an elderly woman of 93 and there was her lawyer daughter of about my age. There was a Muslim woman with a kid and there was a man wearing the turban of the Sikhs and who I presume to be a Sikh.

The mom and her adult lawyer daughter and I chatted for several minutes. The adult lawyer daughter in fact said I was charming!

Sikhs are often, at least somewhat, good and honorable people. They often have an understanding of good and bad and honor and sin or error that is similar to that of Christians, or so it seems.

The Muslim woman of Saratoga is the first Muslim in several years with whom I have had more interaction than a brief glance while on the street or while driving. She did not say she was Muslim but I deduce it from her clothing and head-and-body covering.

We talked briefly; I prayed that God bless her out loud before she left my presence. She did not respond with God bless you in reply.

I pray at times for people in Iran and Saudi Arabia. Other than for people in those countries, this Muslim woman of Saratoga may be the first or only Muslim I have prayed for in long time, but I may have traded greetings of God bless you with an occasional Muslim man in Seattle!

The Muslim woman and the Sikh man probably do not read the Bible and probably do not know or believe in Jesus in the usual way. Some would believe that they are lost and I think it would be hard to be a Muslim, spiritually speaking!

I am currently in a small legal battle with the city of Seattle. I was convicted of what I consider two false and frivolous charges and a few days ago, the appeals court reversed the convictions on the grounds of an unconstitutional, unfair trial.

If you wish, pray that God show the dishonorable and foolish judge named Adam Eisenberg, a man who has foolish contempt for the constitution and defendants, the right way!

The city of Seattle might drop the case or might put me on trial again or we might agree on some simple thing. If you would, pray that God bring justice and right! Thanks!

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