praying for 2 injured women of church

Today is Monday and at our favorite Campbell espresso shop there were the usual group of women from Westgate church. Today I think there were 9 in the group rather than only 8! I am told that at times they have as many as 20.

On Sunday I was at the Campbell church of Christ and there were 2 women who shared and who are in possible need of prayer or who may benefit from prayer and are happy to have others praying. One is a Renee Shaw who broke or fractured some vertebrae in her neck by falling down some stairs with no light on in the night. A very similar injury has supposedly left one or more other people paralyzed from the neck down.

Renee is not paralyzed and may simply have a significantly lost range of motion, till such time as God heals her or she departs the earth.

I was sitting next to a woman we will A. She requests prayer or help with problems, a condition or symptoms of unknown diagnosis, so far as I know or she expressed. The problems or symptoms seem to be neurological. It appears that part of the problem is that there is identified specific known cause, but try to not quote me and A did not share all details with me.

As the women coffee shop group of Westgate church was finishing up I said hello again and shared prayer requests for Renee and A.

Lisa and some others said that they would be praying!

If any of you wish, pray for Renee and for A!

If any of you wish, pray for my mom who is of age to perhaps die within the next 5 years and who does not pray so far as we know!

Yesterday a guy at or from church was nice to me. We will call him G. If you wish, pray for him and his wife and their unborn child that God bless and help them all!

Sunday a week ago there were two women who were very nice to me! If you wish, pray that God bless and help them!

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