praying for 2 SPD officers and some protestors

It was May Day (May 1st) yesterday . . . and as Seattle at times has, this year there were some violent and destructive protests.  I don’t understand the mentality behind them, but that is that.  There are actually 2 or 3 May 1st protests in Seatte and one is peaceful and one veers into violence and destruction.

The news reports that there were two SPD officers who suffered seriously injured.  If any of you wish, pray that God be helping them.

Because I regard these destructive and/or violent protests as not accomplishing anything productive, I pray also for misguided protestors that God show them the right way.  If any of you wish to be praying in that way, that would be appreciated.

There was a group of superheroes who followed the protestors, calling for peace and offering aid or help to any injured.  The news also reports that at least some protestors this year got into fights with others of the protestors . . .  If any of you wish, pray that God bless the superheroes.

Maybe the quality of some of our protests is getting better . . .

I pray at times that the SPD officers be in the right place at the right times to stop or detect crimes.  If any of you wish to be praying in that way, that will be appreciated.


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