praying for Angelique Jones, a victim and 2 persons in Kirkland

There do not seem to have been any sex crimes of the normal types reported in the news in the last few weeks in Seattle.  There was one apparently dumb behavior of a fellow in Kirkland a nearby city last fall.

The news reports from a few days ago indicate that in March a woman who was thinking or saying she was not of this planet stabbed somewhat randomly a stranger while walking in a  light business/residential neighborhood area.  Her name is Angelique Jones.

Supposedly the victim had refused to give Angelique her car keys and so Angelique stabbed her in order to take the car keys.  Angelique appears to be not thinking clearly, even more so than the usual criminal.

The Seattle police have a special group of officers which have a small bit of extra training to help or interact with persons who are not thinking clearly by reason of mental illness.  Seattle has more than its share of encounters with mentally ill or disturbed persons; some encounters with them by police led to shootings and the city is trying to be more careful about not shooting the mentally ill unless necessary.  One of my SPD acquaintances is one of the team that has that training and perhaps he will appreciate the idea of praying for Angelique!

If any of you wish to pray for Angelique that God help her and for the victim that God be helping her, that would be appreciated.

The news reports that a church volunteer at a Kirkland SDA church behaved badly toward a 12-year-old visiting girl at some arts-and-crafts fair in about Thanksgiving time.  The man followed her, and when they were somewhat alone, he then made lewd remarks and groped her.  It appears that one or both of the persons actually do not live in Kirkland.

The man named Montes denies the story, but the girl reports seeing and describing his leg tattoos.  The evidence given in the news report favors the girl telling the truth; whether a defense attorney can successfully argue doubt is hard to say.  So I tend to assume she is telling the truth, whether or not the guy escapes legally.  In a case like this, I wonder if the guy’s pastor talks with him about telling the truth and confronts him with the evidence against him, cause you assume that the case should be solved with a confession, apology and more cooperation with the legal system, for the man is acting uncooperatively.

I would have tended to ignore praying for those involved in this one, but several weeks ago, I emailed the Kirkland police to say hi and say I hoped to walk at their nice beach this summer.  So perhaps people in Kirkland or visitors at their Juanita beach will appreciate it if I request prayer for strange or dumb crimes and criminals in Kirkland.

If any of you wish, pray for Montes that God show him the right way, and that God comfort and give peace to the young lady who has been unsettled.



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