praying for Bellingham and Seattle

I sometimes dislike speaking of a problem to a person or group of persons without also praying that God help them.

Also, if and when I chat with friendly officers as naturally happens at times, I tend to pray for them or the city to be safe and well.

God help the people at Bellingham or of Bellingham to get ahold of the voyeur exposer guy, if God does not get ahold of him promptly first. God give the women of the area of Bellingham that has been afflicted by his bad behavior peace, wisdom and safety.

I am not sure how I wish to pray for Seattle at this point . . . God help Seattle find and have whatever is best.

Earlier today I prayed that God help officers or some citizens find and stop the guy doing the bike vandalism . . .

I am not super enthusiastic about that prayer and I do not know what to think.

The point of view of Seattle is that Seattle wishes to charge me with 3 crimes . . .

God show Seattle the right way, if Seattle errs!


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