praying for Frank, others and all of you!

By the favorite pizza place in Berkeley there are several outdoor bench and during eating hours there are also 8 to 12 chairs outdoors. There are several people I know from experience from having met them or greeted them while they were sitting or standing near the pizza place. One of them is named Frank.

People are concerned this week as a result of fear of the coronavirus. I had not previously prayed for Frank, but today, I prayed for him out loud that God keep him safe and I also prayed for three other persons with whom I interacted, that God protect them or keep them safe.

They were Stacey, if I know her name correctly and Kirsten or Kristen and Niamkey, though I am not sure how to spell Niamkey and it may be Niamki or Niamke!

Anyway, for some people and probably for many people for whom I pray, I am trying to include that God protect them or keep them safe, at this time!

God bless and keep you safe!

There are the usual girls and women, meaning, if they were pretty and I noticed them and I prayed for them, that I have seen in the past ten days and at times I have prayed for some of them that God bless them or be helping them, but I think I had not thought of praying for them that God keep them safe or protect them.

Niamke is a guy and he is one of the barbers at the barbershop and he cut my hair today.

There may be some of you who attend or have attended a church in which you or others would pray that God bless you or for that in other words. You may remember that part of the “priestly prayer” of Numbers 6:24-26 includes prayer for protection, though the word translated into English is commonly to “keep” or “preserve.”

It seems I will have some extra “work” to do while praying for people for the next few months. I will try to pray for many of my friendly acquaintances and for others I see visually and with whom I do not speak that God be protecting them!

The God of peace be with you all!


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