praying for Fransisco Calderon

There is a man in Seattle who is one of the 100 prolific criminal offenders. He was recently released from jail and a few days later he had assaulted a person without good cause.

There are one or more news articles about him and in one of them, he is quoted as saying he does not know how to live.

Supposedly God likes to help or would like to help those who recognize their lack of wisdom in how to live. I am not saying it has ever worked for me, ha, ha.

However, because I pray and because God seems to appreciate my praying or like the fact that I at times pray and because God likes it if and when we pray for those who are sick and afflicted and because some people are sick in their soul and lack of wisdom in terms of how to live, I thought of praying for Fransisco.

If any of you wish, pray that God help Fransisco and show him how to live!

God should like that prayer. He is supposed to like helping people know how to live who do not know how to live. Perhaps if God visits Fransisco then that will help both Fransisco and some of Seattle. Although, I must admit, I have a certain liking for crime taking place in Seattle, until such time as Seattle chooses to honor my safety and allow me to defend myself against thugs who threaten me and approach me. In any case, though, Fransisco Calderon has indirectly requested your and my help, if you pray.

God help Fransisco and show him how to live!

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