praying for justice and for R B Brown of SPD

Greetings residents, visitors and co-workers in the city of Seattle,

from david zaitzeff, [email protected]                        

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Re the wicked, evil deeds of Sergeant Brown #6194 of SPD and the SPD seized evidence unit and the unnecessarily slow behavior of fed judge M J Pechman

I am david zaitzeff and I am writing to you to bring to your awareness an item of evil conduct by a Seattle police officer by the name of Sgt. R B Brown, badge number 6194.  R B Brown apparently works in the West Precinct of the Seattle police areas.

Together with what I regard as the criminal conduct of Sgt. R B Brown, there is what may be negligently and unnecessarily slow behavior by the federal judge Marsha Pechman in the case #17-cv-0184-MJP.

Please note that I use the word criminal from a moral point of view.  The presence of an unjust law used by wicked evil-doer to justify his wicked conduct or one which encourages his wicked conduct does not make that conduct right.  The criminal conduct of Sergeant R B Brown consists in the following:

On Saturday, November 4, 2017, there was scheduled a political protest at the City Hall Plaza.  At times I walk in Seattle with a sword or knife, and that conduct, done peacefully and without brandishing, is protected by the 2nd amendment and such is recognized for fighting knives, although disputed for kitchen knives.  (For the dispute on the question of kitchen and hunting and fighting knives, please see the court decision Seattle v Evans by the Washington state Supreme court released December 31, 2015.) 

While that conduct is protected by the 2nd Amendment, the city of Seattle in its attorneys office has apparently been reluctant to admit and properly instruct its officers.

There are persons at certain political protests who have abused, hit or assaulted other persons for no good reason other than a difference of opinion on a political matter.  I desired to wear a MAGA hat and to walk over to or near the protest which was being held to protest the election of Trump.  Given the past history of abusive and assaulting behavior on the part of some persons at some protests, I desired to also wear one or more of my weapons.

I parked and put on my pepper spray and sword, which is or was a katana.  I walked over to the Seattle city hall building and an officer who was driving a van or sitting in a parked van gestured at me for my attention.  We engaged in a brief conversation and while we were talking, officer Sergeant Brown came and spoke with me and near the ending of that conversation, decided to seize my katana.

The law on which Sgt Brown seized my katana is unjust.  As Augustine observed, an unjust law is no law.  It is spiritually wrong to use an unjust law to do injustice to other persons, and possible wrong includes the wrongful seizure of his or her property and the wrongful retention of it.

If you believe in God, it may help you to consider reading the book Gunfight by Adam Winkler.  This book tells the story of the development of the Heller decision on handguns in Washington, D. C.  If we believe the story of the book, there are what seem to be clues and indications that God or the universe favored Heller and the right to bear arms advocates.  It appears that God believes in and supports the possession and bearing of weapons for self-defense.

Sgt Brown seized my katana and it has not been returned.  Currently the Seattle police seized evidence unit is not willing to return it—or at least, as of Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017, it was not.

Under ordinary circumstances the seizure of my katana would be theft or robbery; the fact that Seattle has an unjust and oppressive law which enables and encourages Sgt Brown to engage in his criminal conduct does not justify the criminal conduct of Sgt. Brown.  Richard Nixon once said, “If the president does it, that means is not illegal.”  It appears that Sgt Brown has learned his ethics from Nixon.

The case of Sgt Brown and similar matters is before the federal court, a court which has, as of Friday, November 24th, 2017, so far declined to rule whether or not I have “standing” to sue the city. 

The court case was before the federal court prior to the improper seizure done by Brown and Brown’s wicked, criminal conduct merely adds to repeated harassment and wrongs done by the city of Seattle.

When it comes to federal courts, one of the most interesting cases was Baker v Carr, decided in 1962.  The case of Baker v Carr was over some very old voting districts in Tennessee.  The Supreme court is composed of human and fallible men who do what they can to settle certain questions sometimes based on questions of justice & right & wrong.  Some of them adopt a more passive approach and some of them are more interventionist, when they see injustice done in or by society.  Should they intervene??

In this case, the state of Tennessee had not updated its voting districts for many years and the then-existing system of districts in Tennesse gave dramatically undue weight and power to rural areas and less power, weight and representation to urban areas.  This gave a substantial advantage to older whites and it reduced the power of the young and black population and voting power was not proportional.

And the Supreme court of the USA in 1961 and 1962 was asked to decide if this situation was unjust and if they had the power to order a remedy.  The Supreme court did decide that the voting districts of Tennessee at the time were unjust and they ordered the creation of new ones. 

And what is interesting about the decision is that it seems to have helped remove 2 judges inclined to be passive in their approach to justice from the federal bench.  There was one justice who suffered some sort of nervous breakdown and withdrew for health reasons and then there was also Justice Felix Frankfurter who wrote a vigorous dissent against the Supreme Court’s action to establish greater justice.

Shortly after writing and signing his vigorous dissent against the majority decision in Baker v Carr, Justice Felix Frankfurter had a stroke and retired from the court.  (A dissent is a formal disagreement.)

Now, we don’t necessarily know that the stress of writing a Supreme court dissent in favor of protecting and sustaining injustice got Frankfurter removed from the court by God or by the outworking of Frankfurter’s bad health.  But the decision is interesting, because we today regard it as a matter of basic justice, and at the time, 2 Justices, ones who were either opposed or wavering in their commitment to justice, got themselves removed and replaced by persons more friendly to the working of justice.

Now, it may be that some of you pray.  If you pray, consider praying that justice be done.  If you pray, please pray that God show Sgt Brown the right way or curse and remove him from his office.   God in the Old Testament says or claims that he curses those who do what is wrong, though, if we believe the New Testament, God prefers to show people the right way.  I somewhat think God does both or either depending on the circumstances.  God prefers to show the right way, but God will also curse when needed, or so it is reported and so it seems.  If you wish, pray that God show the officers of the Seattle seized evidence unit the right way and lead them to give up the wrongly stolen katana in their possession.  David zaitzeff, [email protected]

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