praying for Mohammed the Muslim from Danville!

Last night and this morning I had observed something peculiar and I asked God or wondered if he brought some people into my life or to my attention for the purpose of my being praying for them.

I wrote this question on my blog this morning, because there was an unusual incident Friday evening.

This evening I was one of the pizza places in Berkeley and the place often has a long line outside the place.  At times I am gathering signatures and at times I am merely sitting in my folding chair eating a slice of pizza or merely resting and waiting.

My chair is about 5 feet away from line when I set it up, or maybe slightly more, I think.

I was siting in the chair this evening and a man I did not know moved out of the line and towards me.  We began to talk and his accent suggested that he was not born in the US.  At first he did not say where he was from, but after I told him where I had lived and what languages I knew slightly, he said he was from Afghanistan.

We chatted about God and prayer and Trump and some other things and he offered to buy me some food!

Anyway, I think God or angels may have nudged him over and into talking with me.  Partly this was so that I would pray for him and partly so that God would be answering my question about whether or not God leads or nudges some people to interact with me in such a way as to lead to my praying for them.

Anyway, Mohammed says that he is 100% Muslim and he goes to the mosque every day and perhaps more so on Fridays!  He has a wife and a son and a daughter.

I suspected from beginning that he might have been foreign born and/or Muslim.  Part of it was his beard which Muslims often have.

It was a great surprise to have this guy approach me for conversation while I was sitting in the chair.  There is more to the story but I will not tell you all of it in this email.  Simply, if you like the idea of praying for a Muslim guy and/or his wife and two kids, he is Mohammed the Muslim of Danville!

God bless and help Mohammed!

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