praying for nice weather for homecoming parades

If a person like me goes to find the date and time of a MI homecoming parade, the links take me to pages of the MI schools, and there is a letter written and signed by 3 persons on the topic of helping/encouraging/ensuring kids not do drugs or drink drink, and the letter indicates that drugs and or alcohol become more of a problem at a time such as homecoming day and at parties related. Two persons who signed or wrote the letter were police chief Holmes and the MI schools sup.

It turns out that today is rainy now and it is predicted to be either rainy or showering at 5 p.m. and 51 degrees.

Last year we had much better weather and there were no rain or shower problems. I was comfortable in terms of temperature; I assume that the cheerleaders or any others in skirts were also comfortable in terms of being sufficiently warm to manage without shivering or other problems.

So, if any of you wish, if some people who wish, plan ahead enough that, a week or two ahead of the homecoming parade, people who remember and care can encourage everyone else to pray for nice weather on the day of a scheduled parade.

I will remember for you guys, next year . . . I will post on my blog or elsewhere requesting better weather than we have right now, for October 2019.

51 degrees and raining!!

I do not know if the school sup has to consult with a lawyer before putting “please pray” in a letter . . .

In any case, in terms of today’s weather, I believe and hope we can do better than this. If needed I will find out what days are some of the homecoming parades or parties of any of the Catholic schools, cause they are also, presumably, going to be rained upon, today, possibly. That is, if they have a homecoming parade at about this time, also! I think there is a Christian high school near the airport.

Oh, I see that Bishop Blanchett is having their homecoming on October 12th . . .

The “Seattle Christian school,” has no homecoming event listed on their calendar in either Sept or October.

There are probably Christians among the band or cheerleaders of MI or the Eastside or in Seattle . . .

If any of you folks wish, pray that Mercer Island and Seattle have some nice weather in 2019 for the day of the Mercer Island homecoming parade!


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