praying for outsiders

I assume that some of you or all of you are Christian, depending on the mailing list to which I am sending this email.

Some of you may be praying for other members of your church or people who attend the church. Some of you may also pray for outsiders, meaning people you do not know very well or who are not Christians or not yet Christians.

I pray for 2 or 3 people at a minimum per day, I think, and on some days I pray for one dozen or two dozen or three dozen people who are simply outside in public and I just decided or figured I would be nice to them and be praying for them. Some of them are being pretty or fun and some of them are crippled or disabled and some of them are merely nice to me or friendly.

In any case, some of you may also see or encounter others out in public. We do not always know their spiritual condition and sometimes we do. I pray for two of my acquaintances who are either without God though in one case she seems to be a Buddhist. Sometimes I wonder and ask God if it is ok to be praying for her that God bless her!

There are probably people out in public whom you and I may see who may be soon to die or to have family members or friends soon to die. Others may end up hospitalized for a while or sick.

Do you guys wish to pray for people you encounter out in public that God protect them? It is a small thing that I have begun to do. I suppose I contribute a little to public health, in this small way, if God pays attention to my praying. It seems as if God does, even in some situations and for some reasons that seem to have been unlikely.

There is a cashier in a Campbell coffee shop who at times has her hair dyed purple or pink. I figured I would pray for her at one point and did so, but I don’t think I asked you folks to be praying for her! If you wish, pray that God bless and protect the cashier with dyed hair!

Anyway, if you or I or others pray, are there some people we might save from illness, permanent injury or death? I do not know, but I figure that I will try to be nice to some of these for whom I am praying for other reasons!

The God of peace be with you all!

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