praying for people at Madison Park area

As I was driving home I thought the people of the Madison area were so nice and I figured I would pray for them that God help them or bless them or help them to be saved if that would help them or God . . .

I pray and then I wonder if God is not happy that I am not praying for more persons or a wider group or others also in need . . . I suppose I could pray for Brett Cameron, Hay and Keller.

I have prayed for Cameron, Hay and Keller and it seems God has been sleepy or not very enthusiastic about my prayer so far.

It appears per the Seattle crime dashboard that crime against persons in Seattle is up slightly, if we exclude the unusual month of February in which a lot of people were stuck inside for snow days.

Does God like it if I like the increase in crime against persons in Seattle? Oh boy. Perhaps I will die and God explain to me why I should not be liking that . . . Though you may recall that Jeremiah alleges that God considered the Babylonian conquerors his battle ax. Jeremiah 51:20.

The various English translations have different terms for the word translated battle axe in the KJV and some other translations. Some of them have hammer and some have war club.

So is it bad or good to like the recent minor increase in crimes against persons in Seattle?

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