praying for people at Saratoga High School!

I thought of requesting prayer or praying for people at Saratoga High School, even though I do not know anyone there. If I know someone there, I do not know that they attend or are staff there!

There is D R at church and he helps with the Bible study for high school aged youth and he says that one or more kids from Saratoga HS has attended or visited and that one or two of the kids or young women or the young man attending at SHS are or is an atheist or agnostic!

If I know no one there, why would I care or tend to care? That is a good question!

I probably would not other than it might make D R happier if God were to be helpful in some way!

Presumably from God’s point of view I should care or care more! Perhaps from God’s point of view I or others should be praying that people at SHS be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth! The Bible says Paul might pray that way, Romans 10:1!

In any case, I figured I would pray, though I am not aware of knowing anyone of the school! It could be fun! Perhaps D R will be happier!

SHS has a group of cheerleaders and a dance team. God bless and help all the cheerleaders and all those on the dance team!

SHS has two Christian school clubs and the clubs have a faculty advisor.

SHS has an interfaith club.

SHS probably has kids who attend who lack peace; SHS probably has kids who lack joy.

The Bible says that Jesus gives peace, John 14:27; John 20:21; 20:26 and there is the prayer that Yahweh or the God of Israel give peace, Numbers 6:26.

Probably God gives some people joy but it seems like giving people joy may take more work than giving people peace. I do not know! Maybe they come together!

It is reported that in 2012 a young lady of Saratoga High School was sexually abused at a party where she may have been drinking. Her abuse was reportedly compounded by unloving and bad behavior of others and the girl killed herself a few days later by hanging.

The young lady’s name was Audrie Pott and there are photos of the parents who seem to have been unhappy at the time the photos were taken in 2017.

Some Christians believe that God will bring beauty from or make beautiful all hurtful situations . Dr. Mary Neal believes this and claims that God told or showed her this while she was nearly dead.

It seems that God likes it if we care for or pray for or visit those who are sick or afflicted. If the parents of Audrie have not yet found peace, God give them peace! Forgive my making a request that seems more difficult than some of the others!

Do the parents of Audrie Pott not know God or do they not know God? It seems as if some persons have heard of God but God’s ideas have not seeped into their lives and thoughts very deeply! I do not know if they need help but I pray that God give them peace, if they have not yet found peace!

This Sunday when I was chatting with D R after church or at lunch I think he said he did not believe I have a preacher friend who has a church in which no persons known to the preacher have depression or anxiety.

I hope God is qualified for the task of giving the parents of Audrie joy and peace, though I admit that that appears to be a difficult task! Forgive me if I think that my friend the preacher’s church is more normal than a church with people with depression and anxiety!

Should I pray that kids who go to parties bring along their parents with them to the party or at least bring a responsible Christian friend from school? Would 2 or 3 Christian friends at a party be enough to stop the rape of a girl who has drunk alcohol and is not thinking clearly? I do not know!

If you dislike reading news reports of rape in parties of school aged kids or of suicide after bullying after parties, pray that God give the kids wisdom!

There is the Bible way of praying and part of it is found in I Timothy 2:1-4!

God bless the dance team and God give the parents of Audrie Pott peace and joy, if they have not yet found it! God help students to not be mean or to be mean less frequently!

If any of the kids at school lack peace, God give them peace!

If any of the kids at school lack joy, God give them joy!

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