praying for Rich and for Seattle!

I have a friend or friendly acquaintance named Rich. He is elderly and has been in the hospital with some medical cause! If you wish, pray that God help him or heal him or Jesus touch him or whatever is best be done!

Seattle has recently been afflicted with harmful riots over the past few months.

The riots have destroyed property and perhaps some businesses. Some police have been injured. The injuries of Seattle have been different from day to day, cause the protestors have used different items as weapons.

Most recently it appears that the Seattle rioters have used fireworks or explosives, throwing them at police.

I do not know what to think of the riots from a spiritual point of view, cause I also believe that Seattle treated me poorly over the last few years, and it seems to me that Seattle does not believe in justice. I could be wrong!

I am not God, but to me, it seems that Seattle does not believe in justice.

At times I have prayed that God show the city of Seattle the right way!

I wondered if there was some way that the foolish and unjust practices of the city prosecutor would become more exposed, if necessary, by greater crime and suffering for the city that practiced and continues to practice injustice. I thought that perhaps nothing would happen, or, if anything, there might be some more generalized increase in crime.

Seattle crime seemed to be holding steady or decreasing, and now we have had the riots, and also, the city council has voted to take money away from funding for the police.

I pray for the people who are suffering in Belarus! God help those who have been beaten or tortured or threatened in Belarus without justice!

The Bible says that Assyria and Babylon were instruments in the hands of God to get the attention of Israel or Judah. It seems that God at times uses disasters to get the attention of some people, and the Bible says God says He brings or creates evil and disaster. I hope I do not misunderstand God too badly, but there is Isaiah 45:7:

“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”

There is also Jeremiah 4:6. “Set up the standard toward Zion: retire, stay not: for I WILL BRING EVIL from the north, and a great destruction.”

Anyway, there have been, reportedly, dozens of SPD officers who have been injured at various times in the past 2 or 3 months in the protests. I think there is at least one good Seattle police officer!

If you wish, pray that God will bring good out of the Seattle riots. I do not know if they are accomplishing anything good and useful, or if God gets a hold of some abusive or dishonest cops in some way by them.

I am reluctant to pray for the healing of the injured Seattle police officers till it is more clear what is their sense of justice. In addition to myself, there was bad abuse and quite bad Seattle police misconduct in the case of Jarred Ha.

If you would, pray that God show all deceived Seattle police officers the right way!

The God of peace be with you all!

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