praying for Seattle, for Carmen Best, Cameron and Andrew Lewis

So, from time to time I pray for the whole city of Seattle, cause the city has obviously not honored my safety. Seattle, Brett Cameron and Andrew Lewis and some segment of Seattle believes that it is good and reasonable for me to allow men who are angry and threatening to approach me while threatening me.

Anyway, it is in the news that a couple were exiting some QFC in Seattle. They had bought some kind of pastry or goody, it seems. Hawaiian rolls, whatever those are.

Some teens talk to them and tell them to hand over the pastries or rolls. The couple declines and attempts to go on their way.

The teens then approach the couple and start to beat them up. They knock the man to the ground and hit or kick him repeatedly and fracture his jaw and fracture his eye socket. The woman is hit in the face and has her glasses broken.

Now, some people, apparently with the names of Brett Cameron, Andrew Lewis, Garret Hay and Jared Keller and Carmen Best have the idea that the couple with the Hawaiian rolls did the right thing. Rather than stopping the teens from beating them up, with pepper spray or some other similar item, the couple with the pastries got beat up instead and their bones fractured. The news says the couple is so traumatized and afraid that now they will not go out in public much, for fear of some sort of retaliation.

People supposedly are going to beat them up because they are in the news and a police report for having been beat up . . .

Of course, if they had used some pepper spray on the assaillants, Lewis apparently would be prosecuting them for assault . . . and asking a jury to believe that the teens who were threatening them with robbery were just pretending and should have been ignored!

Well, I think that Seattle is reaping the blood it has been sowing . . . How would any expect me to feel badly about a couple who did nothing but walk while being threatened and approached by kids who were proposing robbery?

I believe that the blood of this couple is on the hands of Carmen Best, Lewis, Hay, Keller and Cameron and anyone else who says that it is wrong to use pepper spray on a person saying he is going to rob you.

The police in Redmond or Kirkland train at least some of their girls and women in the use and law re weapons including such things as pepper spray. So, either do that or reap the blood of the victims of beatings.

Oh, I guess I get to wonder if the man and woman with their ideas about how to respond to threats of crime were some of the people on the jury that convicted me. Well, I might certainly hope so, for the sake of God educating them . . . God supposedly says he likes the idea of showing people the right way and to know the truth about things . . . So, if and when some members of the jury are wondering if it is good and reasonable to ignore people who are threatening you with robbery . . . well . . . maybe someone has learned something!

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