praying for several gals and Jeremiah 51:20!

There was a gal who was jogging yesterday. If you wish, pray that God bless and protect her!

There was a gal today in interesting jeans. If you wish, pray that God bless and protect her!

There were two young women who just walked by and who were pretty or interesting! If you wish, pray that God bless and protect them!

At one of the local grocery stores there is a helping shelf stocker who is named Quincy. If you wish, pray that God bless and protect him!

I do not know enough to know if I should pray that God get rid of the coronavirus problems for everybody. If you remember the Old Testament, there was Isaiah and Jeremiah and they each said that Assyria and Babylon were instruments in the hands of God to crush or punish God’s people.

One of the passages is Jeremiah 51:20. There are Is 10:5, Isaiah 13:5 and there is Jeremiah 25:9 and 27:6. It appears, at least from the Old Testament, that God at times uses both human and also natural disasters as a means of afflicting, punishing, crushing or destroying groups or individuals. There are also one or several verses which say that God creates or sends evil. I have friends who attend one or more churches who believe God does not do such things, if I understand them correctly!

Isaiah 45:7.

The Bible quotes Jesus as saying, “As many as I love I rebuke and chasten,” Revelation 3:19. Hebrews says, “My son, despise not the chastening of the Lord,” and this is a quotation of Proverbs 3:11.

I know that there are Christians who teach or believe that God does not do send evil, war or pestilence and epidemics. There seem to be in fact several persons claiming to be prophets or to have heard messages from God about God turning the tide or the peak. One or more of them has given a date or dates, which have come and gone!

I am not saying God will not help some individuals or nations in getting rid of the covid-19 virus. I assume God will help at least some people or one or more groups.

There are some persons who have recently treated me poorly. On and off I have prayed that God show them the right way or that God take from them the ability to harm me. Whether God will make use of the coronavirus or other means or if God will simply wait a very long time and not do much that is obvious is not clear!

If you wish, pray that God help me to make wise decisions and things to go ok with me financially, since I have no work at this point in time! The newer law passed by Congress a few days ago is likely to mean that I can file and be paid some unemployment insurance benefits, for my work came to an end with the coronavirus shutdowns. I think I will need either unemployment insurance or work to tide me over for 18 months, till when I think I will have more normal work again! Of course, if we or I am lucky, the covid will be gone in 2 weeks!

If I am to survive financially, I assume that I must collect unemployment for a while or find work, though I have several months with things ok before my danger is strongly greater.

About a year ago I was at some amazon store and I signed up for audible, and then, for many months, I did not make use of it. Now I am listening to some books before I will consider again cancelling.

Back when I had it I listened to one or several books on near death experiences. Right now I am listening again to a book on the topic of the NDEs of those who kill themselves.

God bless and protect you from the covid-19!

The God of peace be with you all!

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