praying for Stephanie, a possible new believer to be, and for the girl in shorts!

I met a woman today who asked questions that tend to lead to a person walking with God!

Her name is Stephanie and she would like wisdom to know what to do with her life and with her current romantic relationship situation! She also asked me questions about walking with God!

I was gathering signatures and this woman signed my petitions and we chatted a little about her life and then I was praying for her for wisdom in some areas of her life where she said she has had difficulty.

She seems to have a “romantic relationship” that is not fully resolved or healthy in some way and she wonders whether to let the guy go or stay or what have you. We talked about praying and guidance and then she asked me about my walk with God!

She did not tell me the details of the romantic relationship. I assume it is with a guy but we did not get to whether or not it is with a guy or a gal, what is right or wrong with it or if there is sex as a part of the relationship. In our society, usually it is, but I did not ask for the details. I did not ask; I just gave her the basics of how God leads a person in some cases, from my point of view.

She was raised Buddhist but has not been praying much, prior to today! cur She does meditate. She has been thinking of going back to school to become a psychotherapist!

We talked about my form of praying for people and praying in general and at the end of our conversation, she asked if it was ok that she pray that God bless me! I said yes!

We hugged and traded God bless you!

I had been troubling you guys about the spiritual lack of normal churches here and the need for a missionary or pastor of a healthy or healthier church! And this gal wanted to hear the story of my walk with God!

I will have to invite Ken to come up this way if the gal wishes to learn more, at some point!

There was earlier today a girl or gal in black shorts and I thought she was fun and pretty. If you wish, pray that God bless her!

Oh, if any of you wish, I wrote two posts on the topic of the Berkeley student anti-rape protests and they are on my blog!

This is the first time I have been asked in Berkeley by an unbeliever about the story of my walk with God!  I assume that God is teasing me after I have been writing for the last few days about the need for a healthy, evangelical church or healthy church of Christ in the area, given the rapes in the high school! 

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