praying for Stirling and others, 2/13/20!

If any of you wish, pray for Stirling, who is a cheerful, healthy and happy Christian young woman attending the Hillsong church in San Francisco though she lives in Berkeley! At times I request prayer for women and girls cause they are pretty; in this case, Stirling I find attractive cause she had a very nice smile and approachable attitude and demeanor, though she is also outwardly attractive!

If any of you wish, pray for her friend Nelson who is an unbeliever or who is not a Christian. They were having lunch together yesterday!

If any of you wish, pray for Gabriel who is an atheist who was raised in Japan. I prayed for him that God bless him and he said he appreciated that though he was an atheist. He and I have met previously. On the first occasion of our meeting, he did not indicate or say “thanks” in response to my praying for him.

If any of you wish, pray for Stephanie of Monday that God help her and that God help her with her unknown or unclear relationship situation and God give her wisdom. The Hillsong church has home groups in this area and there are probably Christians, albeit not many, such as Stirling out in public in Berkeley and who may be able to share the faith or pray for her, in addition to any others or myself.

If any of you wish, pray for the girl with the nice figure in nice jeans I saw at the pizza place Wednesday!

Here in the coffee shop now there is William who is cheerful and attempting to find or walk with God by attending or getting to know God in the Graduate Theological Union place of Berkeley. We chatted over the weekend and I have seen him on several days since our first conversation!

I do not know if people find God much in the GTU here. It seems as if the people attending are less in prayer than I would tend to be! I do not understand what they do or teach over at the GTU!

I have emailed Jessica Martinez who is the appointment or executive secretary of the Sup for a possible discussion with the Sup of the school district here to discuss rape prevention and reduction by means of women’s self-defense classes, but it is not clear if Berkeley will like that idea!

At the next school board meeting there will be a pack of kids, allegedly, reportedly, making complaints and demands known of changes in how the district protects and/or trains young women to protect them from rape.

I will go, I think, and hand out some flyers on the topic of women’s self-defense classes, which, I believe, all should have the opportunity to take and which are proven, statistically and academically to reduce the rates of rape and attempted rape.

Also, Berkeley high school has no Christian clubs. It seems that that there may be a lack of evangelism among the students, but that is only a guess from the lack of any Christian clubs. If any of you wish, pray that Christian kids in the schools create some Christian student clubs.

If you wish, pray for the young women of the school who have spoken up with complaints about lack of training and protection. God make things up to them and God give them wisdom and guidance as to how to live and navigate danger!

If any of you wish, pray that the Berkeley school district find good and helpful ways to train and protect the young women in the schools from violence or abuse or abusive behavior! On Tuesday, about 1000 students left the school and marched to the office of the superintendent to complain or demand better training and protection, the news says!

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