praying for the blind woman of Berkeley

If any of you wish to be praying, I met and helped in a small way the blind woman of Berkeley yesterday!

I was at my favorite pizza place. This plac has seating that is both indoors and outdoors. The outdoors seating is for the general public and people who pass by on the sidewalks or who gather signatures such as I might gather or do other similar things and at times mingle among the 1 to 3 dozen people at any one time. The pizza place people are so nice and do not chase me away!

I was finishing up with a person who was signing some petitions and there was a woman moving about moving with a walking and guidance stick used by those who are blind. She was alone and she had with her the woven “pizza tray” which is supposed to go back in the pizza tray bin and she had a bit of paper going to the garbage.

I offered and was able to help her get to the appropriate spots to put away the pizza tray and we threw away her paper into the garbage!

I think I also prayed for her, but my memory on that is vague. I assume I did cause I think God has encouraged me to try and be praying for those who are sick and afflicted. I do so but imperfectly!

So, those who wish can pray that God bless or help the blind woman of Berkeley!

At times I email one or two of the Presbyterian pastors of a church in Berkeley. There is a bookstore across the street from the pizza place and the bookstore has posters up about meeting various local authors and one of the books is a book of witchcraft spells. The book had a previous title about something about teens practicing magic.

I figured that some of my Presbyterian pastor acquaintances of Berkeley will respond to the prayer request by suggesting that there are more than one blind person in Berkeley!

After I learned that the Saratoga High School has two Christian clubs and so does the Los Gatos High School, I checked out the clubs of Berkeley High School. The listing of clubs for Berkeley High School includes no Christian clubs and no Jewish clubs. There is the club for immigrants rights and I think I have met some of the kids of that club!

In addition to the blind woman of Berkeley, one who is, in fact, physically blind as opposed to more somewhat usual spiritually blind, there are the following among many others. There were three women at or near the pizza place with very nice smiles and a cheerful caring attitude and they were so nice! They were Indiana, Julia and Leonora, though I met and chatted with them individually and they were not a group of three! They were all so nice, especially Julia and Leonora!

If you wish, pray that God bless and help them in every good way!

There are about a dozen others and I shall find a different time to list them, or figure out how to list them!

Oh, there was a woman near the pizza place a few days who replied to my blessing her with God bless you to me! God bless her!

But there are more than a dozen others and I do not know how I shall write them all up!

Oh . . . Berkeley has one of its Presbyterian churches which reportedly has about 50 members or attenders . . . and which believes that God chooses or has chosen whom to save.

Maybe if and when I have time I will visit them and see if the preacher has kids in the church who would consider having a Bible or Christian club at the school. Hopefully the kid will not be stoned too badly!

Berkeley High also has a Rally day once a year in October. The kids dress up or they dress minimally in the school colors and they run about and they also walk and rally and shout and yell and talk in the park by the school and in downtown.

Maybe next year on the Rally day some of the local Presbyterians or some visiting missionaries could say hi, if it will help the kids on that day!

I have the newer friend with the tracts. Maybe he has a friend from church who would pray for people and distribute tracts on a Friday!

God help the blind woman of Berkeley!

God bless and help Leonora, Julia and Indiana!

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