praying for the victims of the California killer, and for the killer!

Back in 2019, I had a peculiar experience. I had been regularly praying for girls and women who were pretty, fun, smiling, playing, who said hi or who were in what I thought were fun or revealing shorts and other things.

At times I shared emails with some folks and I noted that perhaps God would express displeasure or disappointment that I was not equally as attentive in praying for, or trying to pray for, those who were sick and afflicted. I am sure that once in a while I did so, but I was not paying as much attention. So I think that I probably missed some situations in which a person who was sick and affliction was in front of me or nearby and in which I might have prayed for them.

I could have prayed but I did not cause I was being sloppy and careless, although, in my defense, I was not very sure that I was helping them much. I was highly unsure if I was actually helping the girls and women and I was highly unsure if I was actually helping the sick and afflicted.

Anyway, in the middle of 2019, I went for a walk on Mercer Island from the apartment. I walked down and over to a farmers market and then over to the McDonalds to order some food. At the farmers market there were several girls or women who smiled or said hi and that was nice and I prayed for them, either out loud or silently.

For most people I see I pray silently. If we have had some conversation or if a person is smiling at me or looking at me with a welcoming look, then I might pray out loud that God bless them.

Anyway, I thought this was so nice and then I went to McDonalds to get food. While there I figured I would ask God if God had a preference or wish as to my praying for the sick and afflicted. I prayed for women and girls, but not as much for the sick and afflicted. If God had a preference, he could share that.

Anyway, I had already ordered the food and I was several feet away from the counter and I prayed asking God if it mattered to him if I was praying much for the sick and afflicted or what his preferences were, if any.

I ask God this question and this guy comes around the corner in the McDonalds who is walking with a limp. So I pray that God be helping him and I figure I should try to be more aware of the sick and afflicted and be praying for them.

It can’t be any worse than praying for women and girls I do not know that God bless them and be good to them, and maybe God or the sick will appreciate it.

Anyway, now, when I read the news, or listen to the radio, I often end up praying, or requesting prayer, for the sick and afflicted or injured. I have requested prayer for people blinded by rubber bullets in cities with protests, for homeless persons near me screaming or yelling and for people in Belarus being tortured and beaten by police or security.

Yesterday I was driving and there was the news that the “Golden State killer” had been in court while listening to victim impact statements. One woman has forgiven the guy and a lot of others are very angry. The “GS Killer” raped some and robbed some, in addition to killing people who were dads or moms or sisters, etc.

I pray for people when I read the news, except that I have had mental debates about praying when it is Seattle police officers or the residents of Seattle who are sick, afflicted or injured. Oh, I guess that I do pray for the city of Seattle that God show them the right way!

Anyway, there are people who have been sharing their pain and grief with respect to evil deeds of the GS killer. If you wish, pray for them that God make things up to them and give them peace!

Of course, we can also feel badly for the killer himself who seems to not have known God and not known the right way! If you wish, pray for the crazy man who killed and raped that God help him spiritually!

Jesus or the Bible says to pray for the killers as well as to pray for the victims, as you may recall from Matthew 5:44, Luke 6:27, 28, Romans 12:21.

Of course, we might get the idea from Psalms or Revelation that the way to pray for rapists and killers is to pray that God wipe them out, but it seems that God or Jesus prefers, sometimes, the conversion or redemption of the evildoer.

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