praying for the women of Seattle, peace and safety

I began to have this blog back in about March 2015.  I had the blog and I began at times to share a prayer request for the peace and safety of women and girls afflicted by either evil-doers or pranksters.  The Seattle police had gradually decided I was not a major concern and to be nice to the city of Seattle, I at times prayed for them or for the women and the girls and at times I prayed for perpetrators of evil-deeds or the dumb pranks that bothered the women without good cause.

Sometimes I also just pray for the local dumb-dumbs who seem to need mental or emotional help or I pray for victims that God make things up to them.  And in the spring and fall of 2015 I think there were several instances in the news of evil-doers or pranksters (or groping men, or whatever you want to call them, with unwanted touching with sexual motivation) afflicting the girls of West Seattle high school and middle schools, and a molesting man who acted badly in Ballard and there was a molesting man who made the news in downtown Seattle after his subject put his photo online and there were men who tried to abduct or drag away two youngsters in West Seattle about a year ago.  Whether I should write that the “victim” of the downtown groping man was a victim or a subject I do not know.  Strange men should not be molesting the women with unwanted touching with sexual motivation, but we can always wonder if the molestation is in the same category as many other crimes.

Anyway, I have prayed that God give some or all of these people peace and wisdom and God show the right way to some of the evil-doers.  Once in a while I have prayed for a Seattle police person who has been injured . . . once in a while I have perhaps prayed for some other victim of some other larger crime.

And, in the news in the past few days, here in Seattle, there has been the Kelly Herron story.  Her work decided to offer a self-defense class and she took it, though she almost did not go and residual Catholic guilt may have contributed to her actually going, given that she had signed up and the people at work tried to make sure that persons who had signed up or who needed to go would go.

She went and a few weeks later she got to fight back against an unthinking evil doer. The evil-doer managed to bruise and scratch her and probably send her to doctors for some stitches but the result is that the evildoer is trapped and Kelly is getting better and feels reasonably well.

Kelly reportedly believes that God may have helped it be her who was attacked in the bathroom of the park that day rather than any of several other women who used the bathroom prior to her that day.

Since I think it is ok and good for the women in these situations to fight back and that in significant number of these attacks they will succeed in defeating the attack and that it is even ok to fight against an attacker who has a gun or knife and risk being shot, and since Kelly’s story is great inspiration, I am very happy that this story is out in the media.

The attack took place while Kelly was running at Golden Gardens but she also runs a lot at Greenlake and for all I know, we may have passed or been passed by each other.

Kelly thinks God or a higher power may have arranged things to help protect the other women that day so that it was her who was attacked and not them and I wonder if God arranged things so that dozens and hundreds of the other women and girls would visit their local martial arts studio or go to some classes.

God give the women and girls of Seattle peace and wisdom about any of these kinds of attacks and about the dumb-dumbs who molest the women and girls by touching their butt in a bothering way!

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