praying, minor news!

If you wish, pray for the first woman walking in the grocery parking lot recently in jeans!

If you wish, pray for the second woman walking in the parking lot in jeans!

If you wish, pray for the woman who just walked by in black leggings!

There are several women and some girls who have walked in the parking lot of the grocery in shorts and several were pretty and fun, but I forget them individually! If you wish, pray that God bless and protect them!

I had requested prayer for income, work or unemployment. Things are still unsettled, I think, cause it is not till Tuesday (tomorrow) that the state of California opens up their part of the website for self-employed people to file. At least that is what the news has said.

I have just received a follow up call from the Census and they may want me in several months. At least, they claim that they will “want” me when they are actually working!

If you wish, pray that things go smoothly with either the unemployment situation, with the census or with any other needed work!

I have friends or acquaintances who cane and whip people or torture them in other ways for fun and profit. They are a bit worse than someone who spanks you. So I am a bit unique by comparison with the rest of the population. If you wish, pray that God bless and help them! But I do not know if God does not like that prayer!

Anyway, when you watch the movie The Dark Knight there is a very large moral problem of Batman’s behavior. Is Batman a mostly good guy who smashes the defenseless Joker in frustration, while in anger and in a moment of moral failure and darkness? Is Batman neither good nor evil, or merely in darkness, as portrayed by the writers of the story? Is it an error or reasonable?

Does God have a different view of torture than does the majority of American society?

Tis so funny! Some of my friends think it is bad that I take photos of people in public . . . and I am a bit disturbed by Batman engaging in torture of the Joker! The problem is that Americans have done these things to Islamists we have captured and at times we have done them to people who were innocent! God help any people the Americans have wrongly tortured!

Anyway, if you get caned at times, then, when you watch the Dark Knight, you would immediately recognize, I think, that both Batman and Harvey Dent have been engaging in torture and you remember it. What is Batman doing engaging in torture? Commissioner Gordon looks a bit awful, it seems, as well!

The God of peace be with you and let you not be disturbed by heroes engaging in torture and God give Americans the wisdom to not stupid with captives and prisoners!

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