praying, Monday, April 6, 2020

The police officer at the local grocery store today, Monday, is a woman with mostly brownish hair though some of the hair is lighter or blondish. If you wish, pray for her that God bless her and keep her safe! We traded greetings earlier!

I do not know her name though! We said hello and traded God bless you but I did not look at her name tag! She was happy to be blessed!

You may know that the Bible encourages people to learn each other’s names, III John 14. Even though I and some of you see other police officers at times, I do not always pay attention to their name tags!

If you wish, pray for the woman in dark leggings and a light shirt in the Sacramento area in the days prior to April 3rd!

If you wish, pray for the first woman jogging in shorts in the Sacramento area in the days prior to April 3rd!

If you wish, pray for the second woman jogging in shorts in the Sacramento area in the days prior to April 3rd!

If you wish, pray for the gal walking in Sacramento in yellow shorts!

If you wish, pray for the gal in the Sacramento area in a thong visible above her pants! Ha, ha! God bless and protect her and her friends!

I will be applying for Medi-Cal later today or in a few days, and there is still unresolved the pandemic unemployment application. If you wish to help and pray for that, that would be nice! I will keep you posted!

Some of you probably hope or wish that I would also pray for some guys!

Lets see!

There is the chief of Mercer Island who is at least mostly nice. He and I have only traded a few emails in which we interacted, but he was nice and gracious in the one or two emails he sent to me, several years ago! He is Ed Holmes, but we have never met in person!

There is a Mercer Island police officer who is a great guy and his name is Ryan Parr! God bless and protect both of them!

There is a Seattle police officer who is also an excellent guy, though I believe at least one miscreant has tried to complain about his use of force once! Anyway, his name is “M” Matusky, if I have spelled it correctly! God bless and protect him generally and from the coronavirus!

At the local grocery store one “helper” is named Chris and that is guy. God bless and protect him!

There is another grocery store about a block away and I use that one at times also! At that grocery store I tend to pray for both the cashier and the person putting food in bags. The person doing bagging has a very nice smile and is a woman but I forget her name!

In Sacramento there are a dozen or more Christian ministries or churches which help the poor or homeless in various ways, especially with food or daily food.

One of the guys at the main or one of the largest of the ministries seems to have the name Augustus or Augustin or something like that! If you wish, pray for him! I will try to learn his name!

If any of you wish, pray that Trump and all the governors and public health officers make good and wise decisions! God protect people who should continue to live and God get ahold of some dumb persons, if God can, if it will help God to get ahold of some dumb or foolish persons in this time of difficulty!

Tom Coe is nice and caring! If you wish, pray that God bless and protect and guide him!

God bless and protect you!

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