praying Saturday, 01/25/20!

I am Berkeley and I am in Berkeley cause it is, at times, easier for me to make money here than elsewhere at this time!

The Featherettes and some of their fellow dance teams are having a dance team competition, but I am away! If any of you wish, pray that God help me to make lots of money!

The Featherettes post their competition schedule on one of their pages, but their competitions seem to be on Saturdays! Tonight when I pray, I will have some extra motivation in my praying that God help me make a bunch of money!

It may not matter to you folks, I realize! If I were there, perhaps I would be praying for more of them! God bless the Featherettes!

Here in Berkeley I ended up praying for several adult men on Friday. By my count, there were actually five of them, which is a very high number, for me to be praying for them, on a single day! One is a homeless and economically challenged guy named Michael. Another was a seeming atheist from Denmark!

Why it turned out that I prayed for a number of adult men on Friday I do not know, but that was how Friday went! I pray for people who are nice or caring or who attract my attention in some way! One was a fellow in Safeway line and when I complimented the firefighter on his nice smile, the guy in front of me turned and said, “I also have a nice smile,” and he and I then chatted! He is a carpenter! God bless him!

There were a man and wife in the pizza line. I was gathering signatures and they explained that they were from Denmark. I asked them how we say, “God bless you,” in Danish! The guy said some words in Danish, and then he said, “We don’t say that much in Denmark. We are an atheist country!” or, “Denmark is an atheist country!”

So, if any of you wish, pray for the atheist of Denmark in Berkeley or pray for the fellow who says he is of an atheist country!

So I am in Berkeley and missing the local dance competition in Santa Clara county! I will pray for a lot more money by next year!

I did meet here a young lady student of Berkeley HS who has a nice smile and we traded several smiles! I do not know her name though! God bless her! God bless her sister or companion!

I have prayed a bit or thought recently about the spiritual condition of Berkeley HS in the past few days after praying for SHS and Los Gatos HS.

Today I got to greet one of the young ladies, who was among the many, many, many others at our favorite pizza place line!

I sent out a few requests by email or phone call to see if some guy wanted to be at some places in Berkeley in addition to the tract guy of Monday afternoons, cause I figure I know some good places and fun and edifying ways to interact with the public! But no one is responding very fast!

I think I have almost 20 persons on my list of persons to request prayer for them this week . . . If any of you wish, pray for Anne and for Sierra who are chiropractic interns!

Maybe if David Ritter or Tom Coe will find it edifying to be praying for people out in public, and in a year or two, visit Berkeley on some days!

Berkeley may need some help with their walk with God!

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